Google makes finding places a breeze

A lot of consumers use Google’s mobile apps for a lot of different things. From finding an address, to getting directions, phone numbers, traffic updates, even down to letting other know where you are, Google has proven itself an invaluable tool over and over again. But now, Google has made itself even more indispensable with the release of it’s new Maps addon, “Places”. According to Google Mobile Blog:

On Android-powered phones with Google Maps 4.4, you’ll find the new Places icon in the app launcher with the rest of your apps. Press and drag it right onto your home screen to use it when you’re looking for a restaurant, shoe store, movie theater or any other type of local business. You’ll get a detailed list of all the nearest places and can choose one to learn more about it on its Place Page.

In other words, simply open up Places, type in what you want (like “coffee” or “motel”), and let places do the rest. Wanting more information on a place before you and your pals hop in the car and head out? No problem there, either:

Of course, you’ll often want to learn more before deciding where to go. With updated Place Pages, you should be able to find all you need to know about a place, whether you’re wandering into a new restaurant or deciding from your couch. In addition to photos and reviews, Place Pages now have a bunch of new details, such as prices, parking and menu links to inform your quest for the perfect steak. You’ll also notice that the search results list now highlights business opening hours in addition to compass direction and distance — consider it your late night caffeine radar.

Good job, Google. I, for one, can’t wait to try out this new feature, and paint the town.. when my wife will let me.

[via Google Mobile Blog]