Droid 4 Launching On December 8th Along Side The Galaxy Nexus?

We’re not sure who’s in charge of release dates, but it would appear that someone needs to get their act together.  Is Verizon really gearing up to release the Droid 4 the same day the Galaxy Nexus will be debuting?  If that’s the case, December 8th is going to be a busy day as well as a confusing one.  Our friends over at Droid Life got wind of a tidbit that apparently reveals Big Red has every intention on releasing the two devices simultaneously. In addition, and aside from the Galaxy Nexus, the Droid 3 just came out but a few months ago.  In any event, recall back in Oct when the device leaked and then earlier this month we caught wind of the handset showing up in Verizon’s database.  So, it’s extremely possible that we could see the device before Christmas even though the Droid Razr has barely had time to settle into the hands of the masses.  In the meantime we’ll have to see what comes of all of this over-time Motorola has been putting in.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.  Hit the break to see the reported specs of the D4 and all of its offerings.  


  • 4″ Super AMOLED Advanced display
  • Full 5-row “illuminated” keyboard
  • RAZR styling
  • 4G LTE
  • Non-removable battery (maybe)
  • Android 2.3.5
  • 1080p video recording (assuming 8MP)
  • Front camera
  • HDMI out
  • MotoACTV syncing

[via Droid Life]












  • Anonymous

    What does illuminated keyboard mean?

    • Ihatejews

      the keyboard has a backlight

  • http://androidtidbits.com Guillermo Martinez

    They made a QWERTY version of Droid Razr. Hope this phone goes with an unlocked bootloader.

  • Curt

    Interesting that there is no spec on the processor or battery size….. but if it had a dual core, and Verizon would give me an early upgrade on a secondary line (my wife’s line) then they would have another sale.

    But they do not give early upgrade/discounts on a secondary line…. so she has to wait another year for her upgrade to a LTE slider.