[Video] Motorola DROID RAZR Submitted to Real Life “Splash Test”

So have you ever wondered what Motorola really means by saying that the DROID RAZR is “splash resistant”? Well it looks like a few brave Verizon wireless employees submitted the ol’ RAZR to their own form of splash test. Check out the video below and tell me that isn’t cool! My only questions now is what the charging port will look like in a week or two. Will corrosion eventually take hold?

Either way, the RAZR has some pretty rad specs/features and will make a great and welcomed replacement for many current handsets. I mean come on, 4G and only 7.7mm thin! Who’s getting one?

[via Android Authority]

  • http://androidtidbits.com G. Martinez

    Whoa, my heart skipped! Kudos to Motorola Droid RAZR

  • http://www.יהודים-משיחיים.co.il יהודים משיחיים

    This is damm, corrosion takes several hours.