Don’t expect to see the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus before Thanksgiving

It appears Verizon wants to spread out their releases a little more, and as a result, they have chosen to push out the most anticipated device the farthest, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We were originally hoping for a November 17 launch, but the above holiday schedule obtained by Droid-Life shattered that wish. As you can see, Verizon has no intentions on releasing the Galaxy Nexus before Black Friday, and I am thinking it might not launch till Thursday, December 1. Of course it’s possible they do a Black Friday launch. It continues to be a waiting game, and it looks like those of you in Europe will be enjoying ICS before those of us in the US.

[via droid-life]

  • Curt

    When Verizon plays favorites to manufacturers, everyone loses. The delay to release the Galaxy Nexus shows that Verizon plays favorites with Motorola.

    If Motorola would come out with the Razr with Vanilla Android, they would sell a LOT more than they have. People are starting to realize that blur is possibly causing a LOT of problems.

    Motorola – Put blur in as an option. If people want blur, let them install it. That way, people that want vanilla Android can have it.

  • sund0wn

    FYI, this is an ADVERTIZING schedule, not a release schedule.

  • Mark 7

    That’s sum bullshit. They need to come up with an official release date now… and they really shouldn’t push it back to December.