Facebook Messenger comes to Android and contains code for video chat

With all the IM apps and the recent addition of Google Huddle, it has become the battle of the messaging apps. Now Facebook is looking to crash the party with Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger will be like Google Huddle in that you can send and receive messages within groups.

Top Features

  • Message friends, groups of friends or anyone in your mobile contacts
  • Map your location, find your friends and make plans on the go
  • Get mobile notifications so you never miss a message
  • Include photos so friends can see what you’re doing

It also looks like Facebook will eventually bring video chat to Android. The Messenger app contains code that hints at video integration. It is expected to work with Android, iOS, and the upcoming Skype-powered video chat. No details on when this could be implemented, but it is nice to know that it is a definite possibility.

[via pocketnow]

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