Imerg shows off dual-screen Smartpad prototype [Video]

I have been mentioning  in some of my recent articles (why are we tablet crazy? and the future of smartphones) about the need for dual-screen phones. I think for now it looks like a gimmick, but it is still in its infancy. In a few years I see this is as way to merge the tablet and phone. We already have the Kyocera Echo and Sony be will coming out with the S2 tablet.

We have another one to throw ino the mix, but it is only a prototype so it is unlikely we will see it in production anytime soon. An American company called, Imerj previewed the Smartpad in a video. The video said, “Is it the next generation phone? Is it a pocket tablet? It’s neither, and it’s both. You decide.”

It looks like a regular smartphone, but it is a clamshell with the screens to the outside. Open the clamshell and you have a 6-inch tablet with a small bezel that is touch-sensitive for smart gestures. You can easily move applications from one screen to the other and when you rotate the device, the application that is in the top screen auto-expands to the second screen or you can use the bottom screen for a keyboard.

You can also dock it to your TV and output video, but also browse the web and play Angry Birds at the same time. Talk about multitaksing.

Everyone is asking why we need quad-core processors, and whatever else comes after that. This is the reason folks. You really don’t think that in five years our smartphones are going to be like they are today? There is going to be a lot of exciting things ahead, and with Android we have many companies doing the R&D so we will always have choices.

[via theinquirer]

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • curse

    imagine a 5-7″ clam shell tablet with the screens on the inside, perhaps some small screen on the outside for phone, sms etc.. wouldn’t it be the perfect eBook reader. you hold it as a normal book and one page on each screen… I’d buy one..

  • Francisco

    I’m simply not convinced.
    I’d rather have a reasonably sized smartphone on the go and a 13″ wifi tablet near the soffa in the living room…

    … and I’m still waiting for those 13″ tablets that I’m shure will arrive, sooner than latter…

  • Floorman63

    Pretty awesome phablet!