Google Voice Integration With All Sprint Numbers is Now Live

Sprint and Google have been beta-testing a full integration of Google Voice with the Sprint network over the past several weeks, and today the service has been declared “live.” Sprint customers can now use their Sprint number to run all of their Google Voice services, allowing them to set the phone to ring at multiple locations, or even different locations determined by the caller or time of day. Or if you’d prefer, you can have all outgoing calls go out through your Google Voice service. This brings a lot of versatility, and the process is fairly seamless, though by default it will disable SMS messages from coming into your phone and route them through Google Voice instead. This feature isn’t hard to reverse, and tonight we’ll be bringing you a quick how-to on that, plus any other tips and tricks we find this afternoon.  Catch the video promo after the break, and head to the official site to get started.

[via google]

  • Darrin

    Hey — I’m trying it out right now. Its not bad at all. I like it. To get your texts sent to your phone again just go to Voice Settings. Under the Phone tab. Edit your Sprint phone, then check the box that says “Enable texts for this phone” It’s something similar, a bit of my wording could be off.

  • JC

    Seems to be an integration problem for some folks, including me. From the chatter across a bunch of boards, users have been receiving the message “Unfortunately, Google Voice cannot be enabled on this Sprint phone. Please contact Sprint for more details as to why this cannot be enabled” when trying to integrate. Seems most Sprint techs have no clue on the issue, let alone a fix.

  • Parvez Ahmed

    This service available in India plz reply……..???????!

  • Maikock

    does anyone know the way to get the texts to receive on your phone like normal, and turn off the notifications for google voice? that seems to be he real problem for me. i want to receive texts like i used to, but now it seems that im stuck with the google voice application. unless i want to get multiple notifications for the same text thru different sms apps because i cant seem to find out how to turn off the Google Voice one… any insight would be appreciated.

  • Michael Murphy

    In the Google Voice App, under “Settings,” there’s an option to turn off text notifications.

    One of our authors will be writing up a detailed guide on how to do this, I expect it will go up today, so stay tuned.

  • Darrin

    All you have to do is turn off Inbox notifications and check on Text Notifications. You’ll start getting your texts again the regular way, you just won’t be notified when you have a voice mail (unless Google voice texts you saying so?? haven’t tested that out)

    lol, google voice on desktop, if you type out a text that ends up being more than 3 messages long it forgets the count and says “really?”

  • Maikock


    Ya I just figured that out like 30 seconds ago. I had my friend help me test this and you don’t get voicemail through text. But for me the most simple solution was to have the Google voice widget up, and whenever you get missed calls, check if any voicemail came in.

    Ya I saw that! It is so hilarious, I was laughing pretty hard. I was like “Lol, oh Google”