CompanionLink Releases Outlook Syncing App For Android

CompanionLink Software have today released an application that offers two-way synchronization for Microsoft Outlook and the T-Mobile G1.

The CompanionLink Software for Android will give users the ability to two-way sync their contacts, calendar and tasks.

The software works by synchronizing your PC Outlook data with your Google account and then wirelessly with your Android handset. The ability of the two-way sync ensures that any changes made on the handset will in turn be synchronized back to your Google account and desktop software.

“CompanionLink is the missing Outlook sync software that should have shipped with T-Mobile G1 phones,” says Rushang Shah, Director of Marketing at CompanionLink Software. “Our software lets T-Mobile G1 owners get their complete Outlook data on their phones.”

CompanionLink for Android is available from the company’s website for $29.95.


  • Mike

    Eh, I’ve been using this forever.. $10 bucks. Not sure what other important stuff that CompanionLink does that GSync doesn’t it.

  • Mike

    Also, to sync outlook tasks to Google calendar I use this, which is free.. I believe it works the same way CompanionLink one does, by creating a Tasks calendars in gcal and syncing your tasks.

  • David

    What we need is Exchange server support and syncing. I don’t have a PC lying around all the time to act as a relay. Must have wireless sync a la Blackberry with the server.

  • T

    Lot of bugs and their support is terrible! Contact sync worked right away, but the application locks up with fatal error almost instantly when attempting to sync my calendar. I submit a support ticket (providing them with OS, Outlook version, software details, specific error, etc) and now almost a week later they email asking what OS and Outlook version. I have 10 days left on my trial, and you can bet that I will not be purchasing it unless they can at least get the trial working. So sad. Might have to give by money to Aardvark when they come around

  • Rola

    Just downloaded a new free app from Android market called Andook. It allows me to import my outlook contacts from a csv, thats without going to google.
    It has settings for sync, that is marked as coming soon. Will have to wait and see, if that can really sync in the future versions.

  • Doug

    Have had some bad experiences with synch software, but I need to synch Outlook with my HTC Magic, otherwise Android calendar/contacts a waste of space, and Goole synch is not fully functional. Some points to note include:
    • CompanionLink Synch both ways works fine (I was very nervous about switching this on)
    • Make sure under settings you have Local County Code set to 9999 in Phone Format tab, or it will strip out all country codes like +44
    • Task synch is rubbish but that’s Google’s fault for not supporting tasks like Outlook.
    • Tech support ignored my first request. Second request they were very helpful. Even extended my trial.
    • Regular timed synch is great, don’t have to think about it, no/low PC impact.
    • Have has some issues with companion link creating multiple outlook images. Not sure but might be something to do with using PC hibernation.

    Worth the $30 as no other single package/reliable way, although I do think Google should do this as part of their service.

  • Shawn

    Thanks, Doug!! I needed some “recent” validation as I hear your pain. Giving CompanionLink a try.

  • blah

    Try TouchDown. I did not want a PC based programme as that means I cannot use my exchange browser with my phone etc without first going to a PC for them to sync! To be honest, after implmenting email and calendar onemight have imagined that HTC could’ve done tasks and notes as well…

  • Camusa

    This still does not address the main issue for me… I want to be able to sync with Outlook without having my calendar in gmail…plain and simple.
    I cannot have my corporate or personal calendar on the web.
    While I love the idea of this platform I cannot buy into it as a viable business solution for me until this can be done.

  • Tim

    Be care with the claimed support for syncing Outlook Tasks with Google “Tasks”. The Outlook tasks are put in Gcal as an untimed event on the task due date. They are not put in the Google tasks list, so you cannot check them off or see them in a category/label view.

  • Hilton

    I don’t get it. How do people who use Outlook tasks regularly, as a to-do list, work with this “lumping” of the tasks into the calendar? It’s not functional. Are there any alternatives?

  • Greg Waters

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  • Rod

    Being over 60, I like the big screen Android has over the Blackberry or Treo. It’s time for an upgrade, but without Outlook Tasks sysc, the Android doesn’t cut it. When will someone wake up and help out the real small business customer?

  • Darrick Mongolo

    Its incredible now there is a great way to fix your Red Ring Of Death I just found out last thursday. Check my link posted. If it does not work try rrod-fix-pro dot com.

  • David Crais

    Google Android does need a fully functioning Outlook app. I would also like one with Business Contacts Manager. Without tasks, doc link, direct sync from phone to PC based Outlook, etc I’m just waiting for the next Windows HTC phone to come out and I’m switching. I’m not happy with the Google based apps.

  • Rod

    I’ve been running the trial version of Companion link for about a week and find 2 problems with outlook syncing. The task sync floods my calendar with my ongoing tasks. Secondly my 2900 contacts take an unrealistic time to show up on my Android screen. Are contacts kept in Google? What happens to them if I am out of Internet range. Android has so much potential, but at the moment it is a bust for business.

  • Rod

    Is anyone working on the task sync to outlook problem?

  • Richard

    Just returning my SE Xperia X10 Nice looker but no good without inbuilt outlook synch in the box. Google can play stupid games and mess about all they want, but not at my expense.

  • Mikaela Kish

    Here’s my problem, I am in a bit of trouble, I have had my Apple iPhone 3G for the past 2 years and it’s been good. It’s my understanding that Apple has a new software update due out called OS 4 and it’s supposed to be adding some new features to the iphone. The problem is that I bought Verizon’s new HTC Incredible the HTC Incredible and it’s an awesome phone, way better than the Apple 3G, BUT I’m hearing that Apple is supposed to be coming out with a completely new iphone altogether, and it’s supposed to be really nice but no one has any ideas as to when and Apple isn’t saying a thing. Should I keep my HTC Incredible, that I have 30 days to test and return if I do not want to keep it, or should I return it, keep my current 3G and wait for the release of the new iPhone- tough to make up my mind.

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  • Steve

    Here is the big problem I have with this and just about every other solution I’ve found. The part where google sits in the middle between my outlook data and my phone. My contacts and my calendar are private things. I don’t want my private things floating around in google’s cloud. My privacy meter goes way up in the red when I think about having to put my info into google or anyone elses hands. I need a solution that facilitates direct sync between outlook and my android device without inserting google as a middle man.

  • Rod

    I agree with Steve… And that is why I junked my android. I have tried Companion link and many other so called software fixes and still nothing easy to work with when it comes to Outlook syncing with android. Now I have a Palm Pre. Even Palm has gone to the dogs. Doesn’t any company out there listen to the needs of small business?

  • Ges

    what nonsense – how can we move backwards like this? the xperia x10 is lovely – but completely useless to me without be able to synch my outlook calendar and contacts directly from my PC – why should we set a FURTHER system on google – this has been normal on most phones til now why should it be impossible on android phones?

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    Thanks for the article. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I was very interested in what you have to say! Take care!

  • steven

    Got to agree with most of the comments here.

    What makes Google or SE think that we would want them to know all (if any) of our personal information. This is not a technical issue at all merly i suspect an attempt by the likes of Google to gather even more data ultimately for their own ends, WiFi and street view anyone!

    e-mail is one thing but calendar appointments with contacts …… your having a laugh.
    Big brother is watching from the clouds.

  • Tim

    Blackberry will hold 5000 contacts, show then instantly and find any one in a second or two.

    It syncs consistently with Outlook or Act.

    It works with a server-based email system.

    That is your small business system.

    But I want my phone to be a hot-spot. I want a conferencing camera. I want to be able to leave my itouch at home. I want good coverage in the US. So, do I want an android phone from Sprint?

    I’m afraid we are still at the point of having to choose from a clunky phone that works for business, and a foxy media phone that works as an island.


  • Suchet

    I need to simply transfer my contacts from my outlook to my lovely new LG Optimus which uses the google android 1.6 operating system.

    is there a software that I can download that does this?

  • Roberto Wisnosky

    Im really high. When you yelled at me telling me that I was going to learn the fundamentals of photography IN LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES!!! It laterally scared the living shit out of me.

  • WinMoFan

    I agree with Rod and Steve.. I don’t know WHY Google seems to want to FORCE folks into cloud storage of PERSONAL data.. The reason I’ve not jumped on the Android bandwagon is simply because there is no way to DIRECTLY synch between Outlook and my phone with the Android operating system.. Why do I HAVE to have a Google account to use this blessed phone??

    I’ll take a Blackberry before I take an Android phone.. and that’s saying a LOT since I’m not fond of Blackberry’s..

    In the meantime, I’ll stick with my Windows Mobile phone..

  • Mark

    Companion Link is not worth the money. Has never worked correctly. Deletes alarms and reminders. Move “non scheduled” appointments around to new dates. Locks up. Contact names get switched around. I’ve spent hours fixing their created problems. Now that some appointments are moving around it is really bad. This is a beta test product that is being built. Should be free to all. Customer support costs $100.00 if you want immediate help and you only get 5 problem tickets for the cost. Otherwise, you wait and end up leaving a message which NEVER gets returned. Unless you want to re-build your Outlook Calendar, I’d stay away for now!

  • Joe

    I just moved from a windows based phone to the android, I like everything but the lack of sync with outlook. Even the iphone will sync your calendar and contacts from Outlook. Google needs to step it up and allow outlook sync. I really dont think that personal and business data should be on the cloud.

  • Ed

    I found some good info here:

    I’m very interested in an Android phone, but need to be able to sync local Outlook (not on Exchange) including contacts, calendar, tasks, and NOTES. (And sync means syncing data both ways…not just exporting to a .csv file and importing to the phone once!)

    I also am weary of having to create a Google account and push all of this to their cloud/servers just to sync…ridiculous and scary.

    I’m not going to spend $ on the phone and then more $ on a 3rd party syncing solution.

    Though I’d like to try something other than my BlackBerry, IT JUST WORKS with this and lets me keep my data local & private. It even lets you customize how to sync the contact data fields (which was a must to keep from having to say middle names when voice dialing).

  • Trish

    Have had my Droid for a year. Love all 99% of it. But must give it up for the business’ sake. Can’t sync with Outlook. Don’t want to use cloud function. Hopefully Droid will fix problem before I make it to store to drop service.

  • Rod

    Haven’t been on the string for a while. I still can’t believe google hasn’t addressed the outlook task issue. I did dump my android and got the pre, but it is just as bad as it depends on Companion link for a sync and that multiple step process sucks. I know this was a dumb move, but I bought the latest companion link software along with the $100.00 service package. That was another waste of money. I’m going back to a dial-it- yourself cellphone and I’ll give up on these so called tech advancements. Theyre just Smoke, mirrors and data-mining out there these days. If you value your private information, stay away from these gizmos.

  • Tobias

    Agree with Steven, Rob, etc. The reason Google wants us to sync with the clouds is for one reason only: they want to keep track of you and your personal data.

    If this wasn’t the case, they would already have come up with a “secure” alternative where the data was synced with google but could be encrypted using a passphrase, stored on the handset but never mediated to Google.

    Any good IT consultant could have had this implemented in weeks, working alone.

  • Jorge

    Hi all,

    Some brands like HTC includes Software to sync your Outlook data from a PC, with your Android phone.
    I am using HTC Tatto, the calendar and contacts synchronize perfectly with Outlook (notes and tasks are not synchronized).
    You can combine in your Android phone, your outlook data plus gmail and another exchange. This allows you to have personal and professional data combined in your agenda and contacts.

    Before I tried the Vodafone 845 model, it also includes a sync software, but I did not managed to make it work.

    As far as I understand from reading other posts, the Sony Ericsson (like mini X10 Pro) also doesn’t include sync software.

    See also the following site “”.

  • http://n/a Kelsi

    Ok i have read all of these comments and i’m so confused!! I just got the epic last week and i love almost everything about it. . . with my career in sales it is mandatory i have my outlook express email account be compatible with my phone. I do not require contacts NOR calendar syncing. . . Just MUST be able to send and receive emails on my phone. . . I am on a 30 day trial period with this phone and right now if it is NOT possible, I will be going back to my Blackberry. . . I never expected this to be a problem and I am VERY frustrated!!! Someone Please Help Me?!?!

  • Bob W

    REALLY fancied the HTC desire, but Outlook synck is vital. Will just have to start looking at Nock and Windows. Sorry.

  • Dave

    Found this free version of android to outlook sync

  • Corey

    @Kelsi, Androids are meant to send/receive emails. You can talk to the place that sold it to you and they should help you get that set up. Or post a forum entry at and someone will help you set it up.

    What @Dave just mentioned is MyPhoneExplorer and has had great reviews. It seems to be easy to set up and works great. It’s also free.

    I also like @Jorge’s answer of visiting They have a chart of all the sync software available and it’s constantly updated.

  • Miintoca

    I have been trying to use this software to syn my Android (Samsung Galaxy Captivate) with my MS Outlook. Any changes made in the native ANdroid calendar do not syn with MS Outlook. Changes made in Outlook do sync to the native but not the other way!!! It is a bummer

  • Calvin

    I am using the VCOrganizer Pro. It sync Outlook Notes, Tasks, Contacts and Calendar with my Android beautifully. The security and encryption are awesome. It costs nothing compared with those $XX.

  • Brett

    Every handset I have had for the last 5 years came with software that syncs MS Outlook to its native apps. Even the iPhone!!! (arch rival of MS)which syncs flawlessly through the iTunes app.

    Last thing I would have checked before buying the Galaxy Tab but most impotant thing I should’ve checked.

    I am NOT going to put all this in the cloud just to be able to sync!!!!!

    This Companion Link software is the closest I have seen to a solution but it has seriously screwed up the data on my Outlook (I have backup) and does not sync properly. I have persevered but will not purchase it when the trial expires. lots of issues.

    HELP!!! I have purchased a very EXPENSIVE ANDROID PAPER WEIGHT!

  • Brett

    Calvin says:
    November 24th, 2010 at 7:11 am
    “I am using the VCOrganizer Pro”

    Calvin, does it sync to the handset’s native applications or only to its own contacts/calendar, etc?

    I need somethiong that will sync to phones native apps as everything else works to/fromn these same apps.

  • Jeff

    My search indicates VCOrganizer Pro costs $12.74.

  • Pete

    So VCOrganizer Pro
    It does sync with Droid/Gmail?

  • eric

    Wow am in shock reading all this, guess gog will team up with Monsanto to be the next super power!! Really scary stuff yall ,ready to take my Brand new Android and throw it in the ocean! I have a more than 8 year old Nokia flip phone thats been dropped in the ocean ,stomped,run over you name it and using a FREE Nokia download will sync with outlook in a couple of clicks!!! I totally agree with all the comments here ,i really smell a rat!!!And Samsung has told me their software will Not do it!

  • Yasmin

    Thanks a ton for the tips above – have downloaded the VCOrganizer and am now able to sync my notes and tasks to Outlook for my Android phone -HTC Desire. Bought VCO for US$10. And the sync works great both ways!

  • Gessival

    Na boa… não acho legal deixar o celular com usuário e senha salvos para sincronizar os contatos, nem ser obrigado a ter rede wi-fi, ou pacote de dados só por este motivo.
    imagine se você perde o celular, ou é roubado… até que você mude a senha do seu e-mail, quem achar o celular tem acesso a tudo na sua conta.
    Espero que lancem uma forma de sincronizar os contatos offline.

  • André

    tried Companionlink and it has too many bugs. Support didn’t help out either. I really wanted to like it because of UI, widget and customization.
    tried VCO Pro, but still too many bugs. After 3 weeks I haven’t been able to sync once completely. At least support exists, but is VERY slow. I do hope that sth new will pop up soon, because I need full Outlook sync (including tasks with categories)

  • Patrick

    Installed Companionlink on my PC and Motorola Pro. I am very disappointed that Motorola and Verzion does not include this software with their phone. If they are marketing this as a Blackberry replacement, they better wake up!

  • California Dude

    MyPhoneExplorer on my HTC MT4G works like a charm.
    It is simple and free. How can you beat that?

  • Gary

    Huge issue that I’ve spent months trying to solve.

    Options are:
    VCO Organizer with it’s own PC sync software. You have to use your own local wifi or USB to sync. Didn’t like the phone app…the widgets were terrible. (a half-page widget JUST for overdue tasks???) Contacts did not sync well
    Companion Link and their app, DejaOffice. Again syncing with local wifi or USB. Have “cloud” sync option. Again, hated the phone app and also had difficulty syncing.
    Both are not good options if you’re on the go all the time or don’t have a wifi modem of your own for your PC

    If your on an Exchange Server for Outlook (which most are..) I’m not, so this wasn’t a good option

    Touchdown. Very business-like phone app, not a lot of bells and whistles and doesn’t look “pretty”, but get’s the job done.
    Moxie Mail – A bit nicer looking than Touchdown and had more features that matched Outlook, but missing a few others. A reasonable option.

    Most of these have trial periods, so you can try one and see what works best.

    According to my IT Pals with major Microsoft and Google experience…the big problem is that there is no standard software method to work with tasks, like there is for email and calendars. How Outlook software runs Tasks is very different than how Google software operates…so it is very difficult to get a sync app to work.

    Also…and be very aware of this…neither Microsoft nor Google are in ANY hurry to fix this. Microsoft wants to push you into using Windows Phones, and Google/Android wants you to use Google Apps/Android. Also, Microsoft is mostly “closed” software…they don’t make their code accessible to third-party developers for the most part…that’s why you don’t see a lot of apps available.

    Hope this helps somewhat. If you use Outlook and DON’T need tasks, then there are other syncing options for Contacts, Calendar and Email.

  • André

    Hi Gary,
    I’ve also been putting a lot of thought into this matter. I liked the interface and options of Companionlink and it just didn’t work for me. Unfortunately VCOrganizer Pro didn’t do it for me either.
    I’m seriously thinking of going for a WM7 phone, since I depend on full Outlook syncing, with tasks and categories.
    I do wish, though, that something interesting might be available in the very near future. I’ve gotten used to the freedom of Android and I would only go back to WM if I had to.
    best regards

  • Daniella Gale

    I’ve tried downloading, and running the app…
    When it attempts to connect to Outlook, I get an error message saying it can not connect?

    Running from Android… Evo Slide

  • sreenivasa

    i am terribly disappointed because android phone is not having good syncing to outlook, i have trying from 7 days with various options… i believe still i long way to reach out.

  • André

    Updating: finally Companionlink has become a mature product. I still use HTC sync for contacts, but events and tasks are working very well with Companionlink now. It is VERY expensive, but ATM worthwhile, since it’s the only one who does what I need in a decent fashion.

  • Gary L

    I finally found a good solution….and it isn’t Companion Link.

    gSyncIt by Fieldstone Software. Comnplete Outlook sync to Google, then to your phone. Supports TASKS!!!, calendar, email, contacts, etc. Excellent, and not that expensive, compared to other solutions. And you can use your favorite calendar apps, widgets, etc, because it is going through the Google products. (Not my favorite solution, but it has been working GREAT!!!

  • Gary L


    Found out through a friend with a Windows & phone….It doesn’t sync up well with Outlook either. You’d think it would….

    Of course you’d also think that Google Chrome, Google Bookmarks, and the Google Android stock Browser would communicate…guess again.

  • André

    I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now without almost any glitch. I had already used it in the past, but had given up on it, since it had serious stability issues.
    Have also tried VCOrganizer Pro and got a refund due to sync issues. I seriously thought about gSyncit but the fact that it goes through google and no categories for tasks was a no-go for me. Maybe they changed it in the meantime, which would mean I spent too much money on CL. It would be great to have an alternative without using google. Competition should lower CL’s price.
    best regards

  • Yasmin

    Have been using VC Pro for syncing my notes and tasks since Feb 2011. Today, I could not access my VC pro on my device as it said “invalid password, login again”.
    Although I am using the correct password. Yesterday, I had a system update on my HTC Desire HD. Could it be that after the system update the password is not recognised? Pls let me know if anyone has had this experience. Also, in this case, how does one reset the password for VC Pro on your device.

  • Cynthia

    I have been searching and searching for a solution to syncing my outlook (contacts and calendar) for the last couple of weeks since I bouht my new samsung galzxy, but to no avail. They were all useless. Then I came here and read a message from Dave dated October 20/2010:
    Found this free version of android to outlook sync

    I used it and it is reat. I didnt have to use google, didnt use a usb cable, i just followed his directions and did it over wi-fi. It was fast fast fast. I even played around with it a bit and figured out how to get my contacts from phone to outlook and visa versa. Very easy and smart tool. Love it.

  • André

    pity it doesn’t do tasks.
    best regards

  • Yasmin

    How about Notes? Does it sync Notes with Outlook?

  • yat

    I have been using VCOrganizer for half year. Love it.
    The new tasks and events widgets are very useful. Happy to see they keep improving their product.

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  • Liz

    can I sync my other email address too?