Microsoft wants to bring its Movies and TV app to your Android smartphone

Microsoft offers their own movie and television show store on Windows 10, which is really useful for anyone that relies primarily on their PC for entertainment. It’s great for anyone in Microsoft’s ecosystem, but considering just how dead Windows Phone is, that’s a pretty limited platform right now.

Microsoft knows that, and Microsoft wants to change that. Maybe.

Apparently, the company is working on creating mobile app counterparts to its movie and TV service which would allow users to watch their purchased and rented content on the go without being tied to a PC. That’s another step towards Windows 10 integrating with your mobile device regardless of what kind of phone you have, and would be a big step towards creating an enviable platform from Microsoft.

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But not only are those apps supposedly coming soon, but Microsoft is reportedly joining the Movies Anywhere service, too. That means that any (compatible) movie you purchase from iTunes or Google Play will be available on Windows 10 through Microsoft’s store, and vice versa. That’s a compelling reason for potential customers to buy from Microsoft instead of through Google Play, especially if they’re a big Windows 10 user.

There’s no exact timeline for when this stuff will roll out, but hey, it’ll give some PC enthusiasts something to look forward to.

source: Windows Central

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