[Weekend Deal] Grab a discount on this dimmable Bestek lamp to upgrade your workstation

Bestek’s desk lamps are one of our favorite gadgets to throw on your desk, and right now you can save some cash on your own. The lamp features multiple lighting modes, all of which are dimmable, and it even has a built-in USB charge for charging some of your devices without losing a plug.

Bestek claims you’ll get 40,000 hours out of this lamp, and they guarantee the product for 18 months. Our review found a similar Bestek lamp to be an incredible upgrade that came a little unexpectedly, because, come on, who expects to review and genuinely like a desk lamp?

Bestek LED Desk Lamp review: The desk upgrade you didn’t know you needed

Right now you can use the promo code QVE4JPFH to knock $6 off the lamp, bringing your price down to just $23.99. That deal runs through the end of the month.

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