HTC leaks more U12+ details

We’re a day away from HTC officially announcing the U12+, but we’ve already seen quite a few leaks about the device. Not content to let other people spoil their fun, HTC has decided to ruin some of their own surprise by posting the product page early. They pulled it back down pretty quickly, but the internet never forgets.

The listing confirmed some of the earlier rumors about the device, including the battery size, the Snapdragon 845 with 6GB of RAM, and the 6-inch display. However, it also clarified some of the fuzzier details about the device, like the Super LCD6 display instead of an OLED panel, IP68 water resistance, and the hefty price tag of nearly 6000 yuan. That comes out to just a bit over $900 in USD, which looks really bad within a week of a new OnePlus device.

Maybe HTC can pull a rabbit out of a hat tomorrow and still surprise us with something.

source: Engadget

  • pda96

    At $900, it’s DOA.