Galaxy S8 Active makes another appearance in leaked video

It seems like it was only yesterday that the Galaxy S8 Active leaked in a few photos, confirming the design, software, and some specs about the device.

Oh, right, that actually was yesterday. Time for another one!

This time, the device is on camera, so you’ll get a slightly better look at how it works as opposed to the still photos. There’s not a ton to take away from the video (it’s a smartphone, it’s got Samsung’s software, and it’s a rugged, durable design) but it does give you a better feel for the thickness of the device compared to the Galaxy S8.

With that being said, it’s also packing a much larger battery in the same size screen as the Galaxy S8, so it’s not all bad news. The screen isn’t curved, either, which might actually be a plus to some people, and it manages to keep all the ports and sensors that the Galaxy S8 has.

Since the phone shares so many similarities to the Galaxy S8 and we’ve now seen it on video, there really isn’t much left to wonder about. The only things we don’t know are how much it will cost and when it be released, and if maybe this is the year that it comes to a carrier besides AT&T.

via: Phone Arena

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