Google launches Android Excellence collections for well designed apps

Google has announced a new program called Android Excellence in an effort to highlight the really great apps on the Play Store each quarter. It’s similar to the awards that Google gives out at I/O every year for apps and games in different categories, but it’ll be updated much more often.

The categories can be found in the Editor’s Choice section of the Play Store and will show off apps that deliver top notch experiences by utilizing Google’s best practices for apps, have great design, performance, and localization. It’s a great way to reward developers for going the extra mile with their apps, and it will help users find better apps without having to wade through everything on the Play Store.

Android Excellence is already live with both an apps and game section, including some popular apps like Pocket, Lifesum, Evernote, Hitman GO, and Pictionary. You can find the full list below.

source: Google