Facebook doubles down on live video with two new features

Facebook Live has been an incredibly popular part of the social media website since it was introduced, and Facebook has seen increased user engagement from it, too. To keep that popularity growing, they’ve announced two brand new features explicitly focused on live video broadcasts and chats.

First up is called Live Chat with friends, which does pretty much exactly what you’d expect it to do. On Facebook Live you can chat with all the other users that are currently watching a live broadcast, but now you can create a small private group to discuss a stream with a chosen group of friends. You can quickly jump back into the public chat if you want, but also continue chatting with your private group after the session ends.

The second feature is called Live With, and it allows you to invite friends and viewers directly into your live broadcast. If you’re broadcasting on Facebook Live, all you’ll have to do is select someone currently viewing your stream, then tap invite.

This supports portrait mode, which uses a picture-in-picture layout, and landscape mode, which places both streamers side by side.

These features are rolling out soon, with Live Chat With Friends being first up later this summer, and Live With hitting iOS devices first with an Android release down the line.

source: Facebook

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