Google’s Jamboard for group collaboration is now available for purchase

Google wants to help solve your collaboration issues, and they’re going to do with Jamboard, a gigantic whiteboard with a ton of cloud integration. It features a 55-inch screen that can be drawn and worked on, and its team-focused feature set makes it easy to sync things up for multiple people in a group.

This device is much more than a large touchscreen tablet thanks to some customer hardware and cloud features that you won’t find anywhere else. It uses a custom NVIDIA embedded computer to help make writing on the 4K screen incredibly responsive and integrates with Hangouts for collaborative efforts. You can write out and sketch up anything you want on the screen, all while keeping it synced to Google’s cloud services to quickly share with the rest of your team.

It’s a fancy piece of tech, but the price tag will certainly keep it in the workplace and not in your house. Jamboard comes in three colors (cobalt blue, carmine red and graphite grey) and will cost $4,999, with an optional $1,349 swivel stand. If you lock in an order before September 30th, they’ll knock $150 off the stand and cut the annual support fee in half, down to just $300. You’ll still need a G Suite plan to use Jamboard, too.

That’s not consumer-friendly pricing, but it’s not supposed to be. That’s roughly the price of a handful of good laptops, and for a business, that’s not an uncommon expense.

source: Google

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