U.S. President Donald Trump won’t give up his unsafe Android phone

Donald Trump, the new President of the United States, doesn’t like being told what to do. His brash, straightforward behavior is what helped him get into the White house. But you’d think the people around Trump would be listened to when they explain his phone needs to be replaced for security reasons. After all, this is the man that has railed against the intelligence community multiple times.

A new report from the New York Times says Trump is still using his unsafe Android phone.

The President, despite protests from select aides by his side, is using an “unsecured Android phone” even though the Secret Service provided him with an approved device last week. While the encryption-heavy device is likely being used for confidential purposes, Trump is apparently sticking with his trusty Android phone for tweeting and calls.

Trump, according to Android Central, is using the Samsung Galaxy S III for day-to-day purposes. That phone was released by Samsung in 2012, but it’s date hardware and software hasn’t stopped the President from using it almost four years later.

Trump isn’t the first President of the United States to receive heat for his phone of choice. During Barack Obama’s 8-year run, the White House started to reconsider BlackBerry as its provider of mobile devices. Obama went on to test phones from Samsung and LG before ultimately sticking with BlackBerry through the end of 2016. It turned out the majority of security experts didn’t feel comfortable using any platform other than BlackBerry’s.

If Hilary Clinton’s handling of emails was that big of a problem, you would think Donald Trump would do anything necessary to prevent information transmitted by him and others in his administration from being compromised. So we’re hoping the President swaps out his unsecured phone running Android for another on the same platform that’s safe from attacks. The last thing anyone of us want to see is the the nation’s leader get personal information and national files exposed for the world to see.

Source: New York Times

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  • Major_Pita

    As far as anyone can tell all he does is tweet with it. Try to make your catch lines a little less whiny sounding.

  • Ski J Cwiklinski

    Think about the IT people. Would they put his dotgov email on his Samsung? Fuck no.