Massive details on the Galaxy S8 leak just months before launch

If you’ve been looking for some credible details on the Galaxy S8, The Guardian just dropped a huge leak, detailing much of what we can expect to see in Samsung’s next flagship.

To summarize, the publication is saying to expect a display between 5- and 6-inches, something most phones are these days, so that’s not really a surprise. We’re also looking at an April 21 release date, further confirming that we won’t hear about the Galaxy S8 at Mobile World Congress. For the sake of comparison, last year Samsung announced the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge at Mobile World Congress near the end of February and launched it only a couple weeks later in March.

As far as actual specs go, Samsung is opting to keep the audio jack and offer a bezel-less “Infinity” display. The screen-to-body ratio will be so high that there’s not even room for the Samsung logo. The fingerprint scanner has been moved to the back of the phone, the Iris scanner from the Galaxy Note 7 will be present and it’ll start at 64GB of storage with microSD card options. We’ll also see the official move to USB Type-C.

A similar camera found on the Galaxy S7 will be on the Galaxy S8, but with some small “incremental” improvements. The chipset on the phone isn’t known, but The Guardian claims we’ll see the Snapdragon 835. Of course, that could vary from market-to-market, as Samsung sometimes offers its own Exynos-based chip in some regions while offering the latest Snapdragon in other regions.

Lastly, the Galaxy S8 will feature some sort of docking software. They’re calling it DeX. Basically, just plug your Galaxy S8 into a supported physical dock and you’ll be able to get Android running on an external display. Who knows how good this will actually operate, though. Companies have done this in the past and it hasn’t really taken off.

As for the April 21 retail date, we could actually see it sooner in the US. The Guardian is a UK-based publication, so that could actually be the date the UK will get the phone, but other parts of the world could get it a week or two earlier.

All of this information seems pretty credible, based on reports we’ve heard in the past. This “Infinity” display will be particularly interesting, as it could be something like the Mi Mix, or at least close to it.

We’re only a couple months away from an official announcement, so, sit tight folks!

source: The Guardian

About the Author: Brad Ward

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  • socalman777

    Samsung needs to get rid of the Edge variants. Not only are the phones hard to grab onto, but the edge software is useless,
    really. I’ve seen more friends with broken screens on the Edge 7 design, as if you drop it and it lands on the edge (unprotected by a screen protector NOR case, it cracks the whole screen. Lose this feature, it was a bad idea from the start.

    • TristanPR77

      I totally disagree with you. I love the Edge variant and you should be happy that Samsung offers 2 variants so if you don’t like the edge, simply get the other variant and problem solved.