Replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices to come with a green battery icon to show they are safe


It’s common knowledge now regarding Samsung’s battery cell issues on its Galaxy Note 7, and the word “explosion” will be attached to internet search results for years to come. However, the South Korean company is taking a lot of steps now to remedy this issue and try to preserve its place as one of the most successful smartphone manufacturers and the reputation of its Galaxy smartphone line. One such step looks to be coming in the form of a rather subtle change: the color of the battery icon.

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To say that Samsung has had a bad month would be an understatement. You can hardly get through the day without seeing a new report on a Galaxy Note 7 exploding somewhere. With reported car fires, house fires, public transportation bans, and now an official recall with the US government, it may seem that Samsung will never recover from this. As customers will start receiving their new and explosion-proof Galaxy Note 7s, a report is out indicating one of the ways Samsung will show that the user is in the hands of a new device. Apparently, the battery indicator icon found in the Android status bar will be green in color instead of white.

While people may have varied opinions on whether or not that will alleviate their fears of more explosions, it’s still a nice step Samsung is taking to try to move forward and get its customers to enjoy using their Galaxy Note 7 again, despite criticisms that the company wasn’t doing enough. Before the battery cell issues came out, the phone was met with very high praise so it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks and if Samsung can truly get past this situation. Customers who returned their Galaxy Note 7 phones should expect to see shipments of their replacements on September 21.

Does this change to the battery icon make you feel better about using the Galaxy Note 7?

Source: ZDNet

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  • Andy Perry

    There is no green battery icon on my replacement note 7. It all looks very much like the old one. There is also no blue “S” on the box but there is a small black square on the bar code on the box.

  • russell conrad lewis

    Mine has a green batter icon but nothing on the box. Unless the “S” is hidden under the sticker BB put on the box to hold the phone for me.
    So far, no issues with the new phone.