Google is building a smart app uninstaller into the Play Store


If you’ve ever used a device that skimped on internal storage, you probably know the struggle of running out of space for new apps. I’ve even run into the problem with 16 GB Samsung phones that only leave about 10 GB of room left to the user, and it’ll definitely happen if you play multiple games at a time on your phone. Fortunately, Google has a solution.

The Play Store is rolling out a new feature that will intelligently show you apps that you can uninstall from your device to free up room to install new apps. It won’t just show big apps, but instead tries to show you apps that you haven’t used in awhile that you can remove without really missing anything. So if there’s a game that you haven’t played in six months that taking up 500 MB, you can bet it’ll be on the list.

Apps are as far as it goes, though. It won’t suggest moving music, photos, or anything else to an SD card or cloud platform, so if that’s what’s eating up your storage space you’ll still have to figure that one out on your own. But for others, like myself, that tend to hoard apps and refuse to uninstall older apps that are no longer being used, this prompt might just help to claim back some precious space.

source: Android Police

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