Google could launch an Amazon Echo competitor later this year called ‘Chirp’


It’s been a question asked by many, and for quite some time – “Why hasn’t Google developed a product yet to compete with Amazon’s Echo device?“. Well, it looks like someone at Google is finally listening, and such a device could be unveiled sometime this year, as alluded to recently. 

According to Recode, Google has a team working on producing a device to compete with Amazon’s Echo device, that would incorporate Google’s Search and voice assistant technology. The project is internally known as “Chirp”.

Google’s device will resemble its OnHub wireless router, according to several sources. We don’t know if it has a name yet, but internally the project goes by “Chirp.”

While it’s unlikely that the “Chirp” will be announced next week at Google I/O 2016, it’s likely that attendees will be able to see the search and voice assistant technology behind it. According to the source, “Chirp” will be announced sometime in 2016. To me, I’m thinking it will probably be announced around October/November.

While this news raises a few more questions, I’m curious why it’s taken Google so long to develop “Chirp“, especially because Google is seen as being at the forefront of search and voice technology. After all, many Android users are more than familiar with the “OK, Google” command. Still, the fact that “Chirp” is actually on the drawing board is a step in the right direction. Who else is excited by this news?

Source: Recode

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