Smooth sailing on the horizon with new Google Destinations


Google announced a new feature this week called Destinations on Google that is designed to help users figure out where to go on their next vacation and then quickly complete most of the planning for that vacation. Google says all of this will be available via simple search terms using the Google Search app on mobile devices. Google says part of the inspiration for rolling out this new concept is data they analyzed showing a huge 50 percent increase in travel-related questions as the weather starts to turn nicer with spring and people start considering their options for summer vacations.

To get started with the new features, users can just enter a location by continent, country or state and then add the word “destination” or “vacation” to bring up results. Once displayed, Google taps into their information on flights and hotels to immediately show prices for travelers.

Searchers can also start the process by entering an activity they may be interested in, like “kayaking” or combine that with a destination. Users can also refine results by limiting dates to a particular month and identify the cheapest dates. Limitations on pricing can also be set to help travelers stay within budget.

Google will also provide users planning a trip with ideas for an itinerary and interesting things to do when they reach their destination. Google says this is compiled based on historic data provided by other travelers who have submitted things like reviews.

Once a user has identified the best option from all of the choices presented by Destinations, they can jump right into the booking process for hotels and flights.

Where can Google Destinations help you travel to this summer?

source: Google

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