10 Reasons to Not Buy iPhone 4

Well we don’t even know for sure what Apple will announce at WWDC, but Matt Warman over at Telegraph.co.uk has put together this list. While I agree with some points, others I’m not to sure about. I’ll voice my opinion below each one.

1) It’s expensive: Buy the top-of-the-range Blackberry or Android handset and you will still pay a lot less than the extortionate prices Apple charge. If the iPhone weren’t made by Apple, networks would have had to start giving it away on £30 a month tariffs years ago.

What does a “brand new” iPhone cost at launch? $299? $399? The HTC EVO 4G goes for $299 before a mail in rebate (unless you read TalkAndroid and know how to avoid that) So while the expensive argument may hold true for Apple in the home computer market, I’m not sure there is much of an “Apple Tax” in the mobile market.

2) It’s anti-technology: When the iPhone launched it was cutting edge – now as other manufacturers announce, for instance, that you can use their phones as shareable wifi hot spots, Apple says no. Not because of some spurious “user experience” argument, but because of economics. When will they learn that it’s customers – supply and demand – that should dictate feature availability?

I agree with this 100%. Apple could’ve put most of the 3G S features into the iPhone 2G, but didn’t. Why? Because then every year, they can add a tiny feature and say “Look how awesome we are & look how much we are giving you.”

3) No Flash: The iPhone, the phone that promised to put the web into everybody’s pockets, can’t even show you most of it, because it can’t handle Flash graphics. Google Android can, in the latest version (OS 2.2), and it’s going to be available free on a lot of budget tariffs.

Well at least this isn’t a dead horse (sarcasm). The flash debate has been going on for a few months, and it’s even sparked some heated quotes from Apple and Adobe CEOs. Regardless, most sites will in fact display fine on the iPhone. You’re mainly going to run into problems when you want to start watching videos. Sure some sites are moving to HTML5 (which Apple advocates) but others like NBC and Time Warner have said they’re sticking with flash.

4) No multitasking: Tried instant messaging on an iPhone? Oh yes, you have to open the app to see if you’ve got a message. Genius. If Apple announces multitasking next it will be an improvement – but there’ll be no apology for the way it’s treated customers in the past, and no guarantee it won’t behave similarly shoddily in the future.

Also agree. On my PC I utilize a dual monitor setup, it makes my work as efficient as possible. As it stands with the current iPhone OS, multitasking is impossible. Palm knew this and it was one of the hyped features on webOS. Android pulls it off without a hitch. It’ll be interesting to see if and how it’s implemented in iPhone OS4

5) Its battery life is terrible: This isn’t a problem unique to Apple, but look at phones by companies such as HTC – multitasking, better cameras, better screens, all draining their batteries far more – and yet the iPhone, with its undemanding technology, still only offers equal performance.

Draw. While certain phones may have more features, it still comes down to the user. An iPhone user who browses the internet for a few hours a day is going to drain their battery a lot quicker than the HTC user who makes a few calls, sends a few emails, and checks his stocks online.

6) Developing apps for it is costing you money: The special version of the BBC iPlayer, of Natwest Phone Banking, of Eon’s meter reader – developing all of these came out of money that could have been channelled away from a self-important minority and towards more generally useful ideas.

Hate Apple’s business model as much as you want, unfortunately it works great. (Great in that a successful business model generates profit, and Apple has no shortage of that)

7) It comes with offensively bad headphones: Sit next to somebody using the original iPhone or iPod headphones and you can hear everything they can. It’s another example of Apple charging premium prices, but delivering a dressed up, budget product.

Agree… kind of. One one hand, as somebody who appreciates good audio, the buds that come with the iPhone are terrible, yes. But for the majority of people who have their entire mp3 collection ripped at 128kbps, you think they know or can tell the difference? Hell no. Their happy as a pig in mud with their iPhone and their sweet white headphones. (Which by the way, is a fantastic way to advertise to criminals that you’re carrying an expensive iDevice)

8 ) It’s not very well designed: Use the iPhone as a phone and it’s not got great reception, nor is it particularly comfortable to use for long periods. It’s a computer that happens to have a phone bolted on – jack of two trades, but master of neither.

I can’t really comment as I’ve never used an iPhone as a phone for extended periods of time. As a time waster playing games? Yes. As a phone? No.

9) It charges for satnav: In an age when Nokia and Google Android provide completely free mapping and satnav facilities, the cheapest way you can turn your overpriced iPhone into a satnav is with a £19.99 app. Bargain.

No argument here. Can’t get any cheaper or better than free.

10) Those iPod docks are holding back better technologies: As every hotel increasingly thinks it should provide iPod docks, the momentum behind this technology is only growing. But if it wasn’t for the iPod and iPhone’s ubiquity, there’d be more wifi radios, more new technologies and a range of different options, competing and driving innovation.

Agree here as well. However, this goes back to that pesky business model of theirs. Why should we (Apple) use a standard mini or micro USB cable, when we can use or own connector, and then charge you out the wazoo for a new one? It’s sad, but true.

What do you think of this list? Do you agree with the topics? Disagree? Let us know in the comments or our forums.

[via Telegraph.co.uk]

  • srgarland

    From the UK perspective, the iPhone is hideously expensive next to the HTC Desire. The 8 GB model is roughly on par with everything else, but step up to 16 GB and it makes far more financial sense to grab something else for free and buy a memory card. The 128 kbps comment re headphones is a separate issue, to be sure, but I’ve been using 64 kbps wma and am happy with it, since it uses less memory space and sounds fine. MP3 though, is far too variable.

  • http://beenswank.net beenswank

    You’re pretty dead on w/ your illustrated perspective.

    I’m an Android user myself, however, I’d like to make some points: What’s appealing about the iPhone is the way it handles media. Being a media-junkie myself, I can’t help but to be attracted to the iPhone like a hooker to a high roller. It just manages media so damn well. You must agree. iTunes is the standard for desktop media management, and the iPhone syncs seamlessly with said program. In one click my music (along w/ ratings, lyrics, etc.,) photos, podcasts, videos are reflected on my mobile device. I rate a few songs on my device, I listen to 1/2 a podcast, I sync my iPhone to my PC and those new ratings, and the status of that podcast are reflected in iTunes.
    I don’t get that w/ Android. I’ve tried programs like DoubleTwist but they’re just not as efficient. (Plus DoubleTwist compresses the s— outta your images.)

    One more thing- memory. I’d love for those 32GB micro SDHC’s to finally come out. I like consolidation. So of course it’s rather appealing when I can take ALL of my media w/ me on my phone. 16 GB’s forces me to sort through all of my media and choose what I sync to my device. That takes time. A lot of it.

  • JoAnn

    I think most of your counterpoints are dead on, except for #9.

    I love my Droid Incredible but I have to say that it too is a computer that happens to have a phone in it. The reception is crystal clear but I find the integration of the Contacts to be horribly confusing and I can’t tell you how many times I have accidentally dialed someone when I was trying to look at the call history or contact details.

    Both iPhone and Android have some work to do here.

    On the last point, I have to wonder if Seidio or someone can come up with a micro-to-iPod adapter so that we can use our Androids in those cool iPod docs. I hope so.

  • http://xcmeathead.com Rich


    iTunes desktop is nothing more than a glorified spreadsheet! Try using the Zune desktop client. Much, much better… and I’m using it in the UK where we can’t access the Zune Market. Don’t care cos it’s just so good!

  • Alex

    Hmmm. I had a chance to compare both systems but use 2G iPhone for 3years and now ready to change it for a new model. I can post 10 similar things about Android but will keep post it a stream

    1) It’s expensive: My phone is old but it was 400 USD new. I can sell it 3 years ago for 300. Also Not a problem for 90% of peole who pay more than 500 USD for mobile phone.

    2) It’s anti-technology: Will see shortly. It’s still play loosless music which Android cannot play at all. I’m only concern on BT with I cannot connect as Audio device. but all my systems has Ipod interface withh amasing quality so – not a big problem.

    3) No Flash: I’m trying to remove all these advert from laptop – I hate Flash more than like it

    4) No multitasking: Are you really chatting on a phone – Agree – buy RIM and you will be happy chatter

    5) Its battery life is terrible: 1.5 day with active use for 3years old battery – I think it’s really good. Take a slim Bat doc if you need more

    6) Developing apps for it is costing you money: Jailbrake for pirates. Why we don’t want to pay developers? Google market – the same as Apple

    7) It comes with offensively bad headphones:
    No diff with Mp3. Any device will require Headphones more 200 USD like JBL or so for good sound.

    8 ) It’s not very well designed: Try it and no chance to get back to old school. Google Phone took iPhone design and all the rest

    9) It charges for satnav: you can use google for free.

    10) Those iPod docks are holding back better technologies: USB is not a good way for connecting. It will add a connector for AV Composite video/audio connection

    No way to change until Apple presents new models умкн year :))))

  • http://talkandroid.com Scott Young

    Thanks for the comments guys (and girls)

    @srgarland Thanks for bringing up UK pricing. Being in the US, I don’t really have a feel for UK prices.

    @beenswank While iTunes is pretty slick, Rich is correct as well. Every article I’ve read and every person I’ve listen talk about the new Zune and Zune client gave it rave reviews.

    @JoAnn True you can use Google MAPS for free, but not any actual turn by turn GPS. ;)

  • JoAnn

    My comment didn’t talk at all about natsav. I really love the FREE talking turn-by-turn on my Android.

    Best thing is that there’s a widget for this. So, you can easily have a one click “Navigate Home” from your home screen.

    Can you do that with iPhone yet? Have to admit I haven’t yet seen WWDC prez so maybe they’ve finally gotten their with iPhone on that one.

  • Benny

    I strongly considered switching from iPhone to Android, now with the HTC Desire and Froyo. I ended up not being too much impressed with Android, and will probably get an iPhone 4 for the simple reason that I spent a good amount on Apps that I actually use on a daily basis.

    I wanted to love Android, but there are a few points that made this impossible:

    1. The Google Turn-By-Turn navigation works only in the US. Us Europeans get nothing, and there has been no definitive announcement made by Google if and when the Turn-By-Turn navigation comes to Europe. First, Google would have to buy the map rights like they did in the US, but it is doubtful if there’s even a seller. So, as nice as Google Turn-By-Turn is, it misses on European Android phones.

    2. Ugly. HTC phones are ugly for my (very subjective) taste. Sure, they look better than Nokia or Motorola, but the iPhone 4 is simply playing in another league. The HTC phones look too nerdy.

    3. Platform fragmentation. I know Android fans don’t like to hear it, but getting an Android phone to me is a bit of a gamble if I will be able to install newer Android versions on it. Also, what about this UI mess? If I use a HTC, I have to deal with their Sense UI and wait for them to adapt new Android versions to it? What about Apps – how do I know what Apps are available for my specific version of Android and will they still install on the next one? I am still on an iPhone 2G, and have been able to install the very latest iPhone OS, and all the apps run.

    4. Google. Google Mail and Google Reader are extremely well done, and I enjoy using them on my iPhone (in the browser). That’s why I was underwhelmed to find out that Google Mail for Android is in no way better than the iPhone version. And, correct me if I am wrong, there isn’t even a native Google Reader app for Android. If Android had a really killer Google Reader app, and a Google Mail app that made the iPhone ones look like crap, that alone would have nudged me towards Android. As of today, there is no real gain in using Google Apps on Android compared to their iPhone (browser-based) versions. Remember, no Google Turn-By-Turn navigation Europe.

    5. Tethering, WLAN Hot-Spot. Unlike At&T in the US, tethering with the iPhone works in Germany thanks to T-Mobile Germany who actually support iPhone’s tethering (it’s expensive, but that’s just T-Mobile’s greedy nature). As for creating a Hot-Spot with a mobile phone – I don’t see how this is useful. If I use my laptop on the road, I use a small, cheap UMTS-Stick and enjoy the best possible speed. Most of the time though, I don’t even take the laptop with me because anything I would want to do on the road can be done on the phone. Creating a Hot-Spot with my phone for my laptop means I will drain both my phone’s *and* my laptop’s battery, it will much likely be slower than just using the UMTS-Stick, and surely more hassle.

  • JoAnn
  • Benny

    Okay, funny enough Google *today* announced the availability of Turn-By-Turn navigation in Germany. But still no word what happens if I drive to a neighboring country. Actually, this made Android more likely to succeed, but for me, I have invested to much money into iPhone apps I actually like to use.

  • Someone

    um it has 24% more battery life. it DOES have multitasking.

  • http://www.wiege.com Ralf

    l love my lphone and l will get the lphone 4 :-)

  • Tyler B

    so, I’m guessing you guys have never heard of jailbreaking…. sure the HTC might be good for an average joe to pick up and use, but if you know anything about computers/technology, or hell, if you know how to search videos on Youtube, the iPhone becomes a amazingly useful device. Then on another note, developing apps only costs you money if you are bad at making them, because for $99 a year, Apple gives you plenty of time to make back that money and gain a profit, even if you have to use ads, which they have also perfected. Call me a fan boy, but I would jump of a bridge if Steve Jobs told me it was fun!

    • Jimmy boy

      Apple does not want users to Jailbreak. Its not apple if you jailbreak.

  • http://demotivational.co.cc Jordan

    I’m guessing this guy is retarded because a lot of his facts aren’t true in the LEAST. All I’m gonna say is who the hell does this guy think he is? God… why am I still on this page. It’s such an honest to God FAIL!! Go die :|

  • george forman

    hahahaha i love how much some people hate apple

  • http://bluesxfive.tumblr.com beenswank

    Apple is the worst.

  • AnObservantIndividual

    I usually like it when my computer and expensive electronics actually work. That’s why I stick with Apple. I used to have Windows 7… then I took it back to the store when I realized just how much better my Snow Leopard OSX is. Also, my iPhone has excellent reception, AT@T on the other hand does not have good mobile braodcasting so in turn, RARELY I have a call that’s dropped or have no reception. I also like to use my iPhone with more than one finger AND a screen that doesn’t flex like a piece of shit when I put my finger on it.

    iPhone4 does have multi-tasking. This has made me more efficient with this piece of technology than any droid user I’ve seen so far.

    It’s minimal. It’s beautiful. Its pixels are dense and its colors are pure. It’s practically indestructible and never fails me. EVER

  • apple

    AnObservantIndividual should pull his head out of steve jobs ass long enough to get his facts straight… well maybe after he gets off the phone with customer support because he can’t hold his new iphone with his left hand… but hey we have this slick rubber bumper for your new iphone… it just works (with the rubber bumper) =)

  • J

    I can use my Android with more than one finger. My screen doesn’t flex. What the heck are you talking about?

    Frankly, I don’t give two hoots about any of the Apple stuff. My Android just works. It does everything I need it to and it has a reliable carrier in Verizon. I’ve been on AT&T and it sucks in NY. Apple isn’t even on the radar because of that.

    Jobs will just have to live with the fact that he’s lost the chance to sell iPhones to a large chunk of the buying audience in the US because now they have a very good alternative smartphone.

  • Brian

    First rule of business competition.

    To knock off the #1 guy in any business: You don’t have to be better. You just have to be good enough at the right price.

    See Windows v. OS/2, Excel v. 1-2-3, Word v. Wordperfect, and a lot of other history.

  • Brian

    That first one should have been IBM PC vs. the clones.

  • sid

    jackass reasons!!!!
    not one could convince me…. you think millions of users are fools.
    its not about what the iphone can do!!
    its about how it does it. and thats what drags the users more IDIOT!!!!

    I was looking for a serious post with flaws of iphone since im in a dilemma wether to take it or not. your post wasted my time.

  • Steffen Lang

    A new thing with iphone 4 is the multitasking, idiot!

  • http://bluesxfive.tumblr.com beenswank

    Regardless, the iPhone 4 is clearly a poor investment. And at this point, no matter the counter argument, all you fan boys just sound delusional.

  • Alice

    Well, I’ve never had either an iphone OR an android and was in the market for a new phone. I LOVE the idea of Android but, here in Canada we have two top offerings only. The “Desire” and the Galaxy S. The Desire is having two major issues…looped booting on the device AND having the screen go blank during a call so people cannot end the call. The looped booting of the device is a known issue that many people with it are having. It’s also having some overheating issues. The Galaxy S has GPS that does not work for MANY users and it’s Samsung so customer service and a fix for this problem have been terrible. Good luck using google navigation or any other navigating program on the Galaxy S. Sony has the Xperia here but, I wasn’t impressed with the interface on that one AND it’s STILL only running 1.6.

    That leaves me with the “choice” of an iphone now because I don’t want to spend a ton of money on something that is so widely reported as unreliable. If we had an EVO here that ran on 3g or it’s equal then maybe I’d risk it as that phone has precisely the specs I’d love and it’s the right size. Also, the “Desire” here did NOT get the Amoled sceen and I watched video on it today in the store and was NOT impressed. it was pixelated around the edges in a weird way. In short NONE of the Android offerings up here are that fantastic. If the Galaxy S had a working GPS I’d buy it today but, it does not and who knows when Samsung will fix it.

    Iphone has a big drawback for me with no google navigation as that is something I would use all the time and hopefully iphone will get it. It’s just stupid not to and both Steve Jobs and Google need to just get this DONE and NOW. Not everyone in the world has access to EVO 4g or the best Android phones yet and those who do not are penalized so Google can sell more Androids to U.S. customers. I’m not thinking that’s a very customer friendly approach which was another turn off for me with Android. PLUS all this upgrade craziness. Each phone and carrier having to have it’s OWN different release of 2.2.

    I’ll wait till Android has all the stable features I want here AND till I can get the type of Android I REALLY want.

    Meanwhile, I’m going to get an iphone. I know it will work..and not having google navigation is not a total deal breaker under these circumstances.

    Not everyone who is going for Iphone has “fanboy” reasons for doing so.

  • http://beenswank.net beenswank

    Penalized is such a harsh term.

  • sam

    what a fail, iphone is cheap, has multi-tasking, has an incredibly good battery, is perfectly designed and the headphones are the best !

  • http://beenswank.net beenswank

    @Sam That’s your opinion. But everyone knows the facts.

  • Jason Synyster Gates

    Its funny how people who dont know shit just say somthing which is not true:
    The number 4:
    it DOES have multitasking!
    number 5:
    the Battery life is AWESOME!
    so shut up if you dont know anything about it!

  • jfd

    Smartphones.. a tax on the gullible. $600 a year to access 3g.. its crap, loading pages takes 20s its unusable. I have one for work, its free but just crap to use, text etc without a proper keyboard.
    My own phone costs me $15 a month rental, has a keyboard much better, no 3g but hey I never use it anyway.

  • Megs

    See, I’m thinking of getting the iPhone 4 and getting iOS because of all the cool features it has. I would suggest checking it out on the official site, for it has gotten rid of everything that was complained about on this list.

  • ninja

    I agree with argument 1, 2 and 3, without doubt! It is expensive, it has no flash support, and maybe Steve Jobs is running his company in a way that seems counter productive for us… But think about it in a different way: He is protecting his investments by having everything controlled!
    Who wouldn’t do that when there are millions of dollar at risk, especially in the extremely tough mobile-market we have today!

    On 4, get your facts straight! Multitasking came with iOS 4 a LONG time ago!

    5: Batterylife on Iphone 4 is amazing! I’ve had a HTC Touch Pro (1 and 2) and they both sucked dick compared to my Iphone! Yes, they are Windows 6,5 phones, not android, but still… On top of it, they broke down constantly!

    On top of that bro, you claim HTC phones in general have better screens, cameras etc….

    I’ve only seen one mobile phone camera that is better than the Iphone 4, and that’s the N8! And it’s the same bloody price!!!
    AND THE SCREEN!?!?!?
    Not even the Galaxy S with it’s 4′ something AMOLED screen is better than the new Retina display! Read some reviews man, because that just ain’t right!

    6: Dunno about that!

    7: Come on man! How many phones have you had??? Every single phone I’ve EVER bought comes with shitty earplugs! ALL of them! Get some AKG headphones for 30$! K518DJ are quite good! :)

    8: The antenna-gate issue is not solved, but is avoidable in 2 ways:
    – Get a bumper
    – Don’t hold it unnaturally with your left hand!

    Had my phone for 3 months and never had any issues with that! Just don’t provoke it, and you won’t know it’s a problem!!

    9: Google maps is completely free, and the original satnav that comes on several android phones are NOT as good as the 19,99$ apps you can get for the Iphone! (and probably android as well!)
    Not hard to figgure out something costing money, usually gives you a bit more than something being free!

    10: It pains me, but I do see your point!

    I HATE APPLE, but I love the Iphone 4! :)

    • Joseph Nathan

      The Multitasking discussed here is not opening ur app and making it run and do something else in the mean time. Its that when you are away with your football match and ur phone is in your pocket unattented and ur fren decides to ping u on Yahoo messenger to grab a cup of something thinking that it will display on your screen and you will never know it unless you take ur phone out, slide it open, get into Y messenger and then chk that. U get that Bud?

    • Dario Killen

      M8, apples screens are crap. I know this comment is ages old, but today it is even more clear which screen technology is better: Amoled. Not Apples stupic “raretina” displays that only Apple uses. Android is simply better than Apple, as long as you don’t buy one for like $50.

  • http://fimarket.blogspot.com nostub

    # It is expensive and it isn’t worth it (you are paying the maketing costs)
    # Iphone gadgets are very expensive
    # You can have the same functions and applications (and probably more) for a much lower price
    # OK it is super fashion but in less than one year, you will be old fashion
    # You can’t remove all by yourself the batteryThe battery seems to last less than 2 years, but the manufacturer warranty cover only one year
    # When you have launched a lot of applications, and you think you have closed them, in reality there are again in the memory, then discharging your battery. The application that really allows you to close all your applications exists on Android based mobile phones

  • Stiv

    Why not Iphone 4. Lets see.

    This expensive phone doesn’t have search option in browser. Yes there is a workaround. Which is great concerning how much the phone costs.

    This expensive phone doesn’t have delivery status for sms. Something I had with the Siemens S25.

    Youtube videos have lower quality if played over 3G. Why? Well you have to ask Apple, I’m sure they have a good reason.

    Youtube search doesn’t give you the same results you get when you’re using your computer. You get far less results, and usually the one you didn’t want. Why? Well, ask Apple.

    iTunes is maybe the worst software I’ve ever used on Windows. It’s really incredible how slow it is. Buying anything that’s not using iTunes is a plus for me.


    You cannot have additional battery if needed.

    You cannot have additional memory.

    You don’t have flash. While I support Apple of kicking flash out as it’s just terrible technology, I still sometimes need to see it. Why didn’t not disable flash default but if needed on some pages user could enable it?

    So the question is what is that iPhone can do that for example HTC Desire can’t? Well, there are just two things I can think of.
    One is the FaceTime application, which is great. If only you could use it over 3G and maybe with somebody else who doesn’t own iPhone.

    Second is noise cancellation. While this is a great plus for iPhone, but after seeing some demonstration of this, it doesn’t appear to be that useful.

    So we can now reverse the question. What is that Desire can do that iPhone cannot? Well if you don’t know, go through my list then.

  • http://www.contactscouponcode.org Contacts Coupon Code

    I agree 100% with you. I have the iphone G3 and the battery life is horrible. I have to have it plugged in every night. Plus I’m usually keeping it charged in the car. I hate how I cant view windows media files. I guess that’s the competition though. The apps are cool, but all smart phones have apps. I’m going to switch to the android next. Thanks for the great review.

  • http://www.ecgoon.com Genny

    Yes, i bought one apple iphone 4 32fgb factory unlocked iphone 4 from http://www.ecgoon.com, it bring me a lot of fun and conveneient, i like it very much.

  • Blam

    OMFG you guys are fing retarded…go back to you apply fanboy sites…Apple is worse than gay bacon…freaking homosexual….OMFG PWNED IN YOUR MOUTH!!!!!

  • Elle

    A hefty majority of these points are irrelevant.

  • Bob

    I have had around 15 different androids and the IPhone blows it out of the water. The main issue I had with androids maybe the phone manufacturer. Every one I had would stall, touch screen would stall, I would have to do a hard reset like every 5 days. I never surfed the web on it because it made it worse. The biggest issue was when I needed to make a call it would stall every time. I like the Android concept and the apps are great! Maybe the manufacturers of the phones need to fix this?

  • Chris Anderson

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  • http://www.unlock-iphonesoftware.com iphone

    buy iphone 5 now

  • Brandon

    Well it’s time for an upgrade. My choices were Droid Bionic and iPhone 4S. I currently (and typing on) have the Droid 2 Global and is in LOVE with it. BUT the battery life sucks and according to everyone at my school (90% of people at my school have android phones) their battery sucks as well. In the end I chose the iPhone simply becuase of better battery life (3G battery life) and better music player experience (the moto music player did not, well, seem good at all). I hated the decision of going to, err, Apple. I didnt need a 4″ screen anyway for my hands are really small (I am 17 by the way; tall, skinny, you get the point). I will miss android though and it’s many widgets *crys*. At least I will have my android tab to keep that peice of Google goodness near me.
    *scrolls through widgets for last times*

  • Lphylosoph

    i had a win mobile phone..i had a android phone..im now havig an iphone 4 great battery life super fast …noting to complain…what you guys say is good for the iphone 3g and under….not after…after your are so blow….