Donald Trump ditches Android, now tweets from an iPhone (maybe)

Donald Trump is notorious for his Twitter activity, but one of the more obscure points of interest has been about his tendency to tweet from an unsecured Android device. There’s nothing wrong with hanging onto your old Galaxy S3 if that’s what you like, but there have been some serious concerns about the president of the United States using something that vulnerable.

Maybe you can sleep a little easier at night knowing that Trump has upgraded to a more secure phone as of a few weeks ago. According to the White House director of social media, he’s now using an iPhone that should be a little more secure than a five year old Android device.

There’s some irony here, considering Trump’s previous comments against Apple’s business practices (read: not making iPhones in America) and Tim Cook’s public stance against a few of Trump’s policies, but hey, baby steps.

So why didn’t he go with a Galaxy S7 or just wait for the shiny new Galaxy S8? It could have something to do with security requirements for government employees that Apple just tends to be a little better at.

Just one problem. Some people have noticed that Donald Trump’s tweets as of just a few days ago still say they were sent via Twitter for Android. He might just hanging onto that old phone and using it on WiFi, but sometimes it can be tough to tell with Trump.

source: Dan Scavino Jr. (Twitter)

About the Author: Jared Peters

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    Baby steps for someone with baby hands.

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      Have you noticed how he’s emulating all of Mussolini’s ridiculous posturing?