Google acquires curated music streaming powerhouse, Songza


About a month ago, it was rumored that Google was interested in Songza, and today a deal was reached. Details of the deal weren’t disclosed, but Songza’s 40 employees will join Google.

Songza has been one of the lesser known music apps, but it’s actually pretty darn good. I actually started using it about 2 weeks ago and love it. It’s perfect for those of you that like to listen to curated stations. Songza only has about 5.5 million listeners, as opposed to 90 million for Pandora, 40 million for Spotify, and 40 million for iTunes Radio.

The service will continue for now, but it could be rolled into Play Music and/or the upcoming YouTube Music Service.

sources: WSJ / Songza

  • Major Suave

    This is great, Songza is one of my favorite DJs