Nexus One Sprint Android Phone

Since the Google Nexus announcement yesterday we’ve received a ton of email enquiries here at Talk Android Towers asking about the “Nexus One Sprint” and whether the Nexus One is available on the Sprint network.

Nexus One Sprint

In short. No, the Google Nexus One is not currently compatible with the Sprint network. Right now, the only way to get the Nexus One on contract in the US is through the T-Mobile network on their T-Mobile Even More individual 500 plan with the handset priced at $179. Alternatively you can shell out for the unlocked SIM-free handset itself priced at $529.

From early Spring Verizon Wireless will also carry the handset, but it isn’t yet known what pricing plans they will offer. The Verizon Nexus One will be a CDMA model which will also support the Sprint network but whether or not Sprint will carry the device remains to be seen.

So, to clarify, at present the Nexus One device currently for sale does not support the Sprint network, but that isn’t to say it won’t eventually be made available across their network later this year.

Hope that clears that up :)

You can find more information on the handset and carriers at the Google phone store.

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  • HogarthAL

    Sprint doesn’t use SIM cards, ‘tard.
    The Verizon CDMA Nexus One would *technically* be compatible, however, Sprint has to enable the IMEI on their end, and they usually will NOT provide service to phones that they did not sell.

  • velazcod

    Sprint use some kind of sim card but its is NOT GSM.
    So no, the unlocked Nexus One, WILL NOT WORK ON SPRINT.

  • jerry

    A) Will Google sell the CDMA phone unlocked?
    B) Will Sprint activate an unlocked Nexus One?

    Would the FCC be interested in A) and B)?

  • Njbianco

    actually velazcod sprint has sims on the iden Nextel network(of course the nexus one wont work on iden network) but if your on the cdma sprint network theres no sim card at all in the phone

  • anonymous1

    To clear up one issue i found; Sprint and Verizon run on two completely different networks and the phones are not cross compatible like with GSM phones. the Verizon Nexus One will on work on the WCDMA network and therefore will not work with the Sprint Network, you would have to change out hardware to do so…sorry to be the bearer of bad news but someone had to say it.

  • Lessthantito

    what rock have you been living under Sprint and Verizon are EXACTLY THE SAME type of network, when I roam on my Sprint Hero it’s on Verizon’s network WCDMA is the Chinese version of CDMA. There are 2 main type’s of netowrks in the US GSM as in AT&T/T-Mobile(yes their 3g is on different bands) and CDMA Sprint/Verizon

  • anonymous1

    Thank you for the reply, but unfortunately you are still incorrect, in response to your phone roaming on Verizon’s towers most all US carriers use each others towers. But the fact remains that the devices made for Sprint and Verizon are confined to there given network, even if you were able to get through the software no one from either company would activate the device. So therefor the Verizon Nexus One will not work with Sprint.

  • noneoyurbiz

    sprint and verizon r on the same network dumbass

  • imh

    The Blackberry 8830 World Phone supports cdma and sim cards. Can you use the card from the 8830 and use in the unlocked version of the Nexus One on the Sprint network?

  • needz2know

    I have the blackberry tour with a sim card. Can I use that inside a Nexus One?

  • mackiller13

    dude. verison and sprint are the same (cdma) it’s just a matter of hacking the radio signal to get the phone onto sprint’s network.

  • Victor

    The Nexus One will not show up one Sprint for quite some time (I’m not talking about hacking a VZ phone when that comes out, I’m talking native support).

    Sprint has something like HALF the subscribers of VZ (and ATT, for that matter). They’re a pretty small player in the game and don’t even seem to play the game very well to begin with.

    At this point, many of you will ask, “then why did Google support T-Mobile, an even smaller carrier?”. Well, that’s just a THANKS from Google since the G1 was introduced on the TM network. Google would much rather be on ATT and VZ. Sprint will be marginalized as usual.

  • Ez$

    I cant believe all the junk on this thread. The first post had it right. Crazy. There are major differences between sprint and VZ networks. They use the same Fq. channels and receivers but the Encryption/authentication methods are completely different. AK, the Sprint system is way more secure.

    Hacking, love that word. The hardware aka your phone will have the same chip in it. But the firmware will need to be changed and also a new wrapper written around it. If someone could get a VZ phone I would like to see if they could copy the the Firmware from an HTC hero an stick it in the nexus hardware.
    This should work. As long as sprint knows what the new HW address is. They would not see any difference. And considering the hardware is 2X the htc hero its worth it. In the blackbarry you can change the Hardware address.

    The Only question I have is if the netstack and webkit stack will work with EVDO since VZ still runs on old 3g data.

  • bb tour wants Nexus

    my bb tour 9630 uses a sim card, all the gsm bands that are supported by sprint and the wcdma band 2100, are supported on the nexus, I think it will work, you would just be roaming all the time as there is no cdma on the nexus, yet. compare the phones, nexus one, and bb tour 9630 at phonescoop . com. let me know

  • I love Sarah Plain

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  • chahlee

    I’m not going to call anyone a ‘tard or dumbass, but it’s my understanding that even though Sprint and Verizon both use CDMA, they operate on different frequencies, Sprint 900, Verizon 1800, something like that. Anyway, I don’t think that it’s quite as simple as hacking the software to make a phone from one work on the others’ network, I think the phones need to be designed for the specific network, which is why Sprint and Verizon tend to have a different set of phones. However, I think if the phone is going to come out in CDMA, it will eventually get to Sprint. Eventually. (Sigh)

  • ez$

    Chahlee That is a grate speech. You must have thought it out really well. To put something in prospective Have you ever used roaming AKA another network. The bottom line is the chipsets for the radio AKA the transmitter is a basic unit. The FCC dose not have thousands of them to chose from if you catch my drift. It is a discreet unit. And yes almost any phone Sprint Verizon Boost at&t and so on can be FLASHED over to another service provider. We have been doing for a decade. All us AKA hackers witch is a word people use to explain something they do not understand need is a firmware base to start from. AKA The HTC hero.

    Sprint dose not want to carry the Nexus because they already carry their own phone. The htc hero. For this vary reason google has built the Nexus. To offer people the same product no matter what carrier you have.

    in summation when the nexus one cdma arrives we will see what the hardware is and if it is possible to tweak it over. Next time look it up on wiki or do some research on the subject and help out. No one likes a downer.

  • BBlover

    Sent an e mail to Sprint asking if and when the Nexus One will be released by Sprint. They replied yesterday (1-28-09) and said that they do not yet have a release date but are in the final stages of preparing the phone for launch. They said to keep an eye on the Sprint website for promotional media soon to be released ahead of the drop date for the Nexus. Straight from the horses mouth…

  • PaSS Police Oral Exam

    I am currently reading it on my Blackberry and will scan it once I get home. I love your site and marketing strategy.

  • Master

    I have a lot of reservation about how it can decipher the information and put it in the right fields. I have a lot of business cards from overseas, and they are of all fonts, and styles. But I was pleasantly surprised by CARDSCAN abilility to process the information and put it in the right fields. We may have to tweak here and there, but it is much better than typing in everything yourself. I highly recommend it.

  • jay…

    U smart guys are so funny! look, im a simple man. please, i just want to know…if i buy nexus unlocked, can i use my BOOST MOBILE chip in it and use all features from both carriers (exept chirp) as long as i pay my boost monthly?

  • jay…

    does no one know? i really could use the advice. im in ny usa but i dont know what type signals they use (cdma or other)

  • ImpulseIV

    @jay No. Boost uses IDEN. IDEN is on its own island with Nextel. IMHO iDen should die pretty soon. I used to sell nextel and it was great, but Sprint raped and pillaged it. its a dead network now.

    ALSO EZ is right. CDMA is CDMA. They both use a diff frequency as their main transmission band but both can use it rather easily and both have capabilities to do both. My frist experience was when I took an old Bell South StarTac and reflashed it to a sprint phone. Sprint activated it with no problem (until i dropped it in my DietCoke).

    Theoretically we should be able to but a unlocked VZ Nexus One and reflash it to something Sprint recognizes. I just think the Hero UI sucks and that the software might render the Nexus not as useful as it was designed to be.

  • jared

    The Blackberry Tour and other Sprint World phones have SIM cards so they can be used overseas on GSM networks. The SIM card does nothing when you are in the US. You could take the SIM out and you would still have service because like I said it is used exclusively for use overseas. Anyone who thinks they can take their SIM card out of their world edition Sprint phone and put it in a GSM phone is just talking crazy. I work for Sprint.

  • jared

    Also yes we are both CDMA networks but its not at easy as buying a VZW phone and activating it on Sprint, not impossible as most have pointed out, but its not as simple as buying the phone walking into a Sprint store and having us activate it. That simply wont work my system will say “are you stupid this phone isn’t a Sprint phone”

  • Riley

    Wow. Some Peoples Childeren… Soooo dense…

  • http://None Scott (Customer Care Representative)

    Alright, I’m honestly surprised that this discussion is still happening. Let me answer this question for you once and for all. Verizon and Sprint use the EXACT same network. They are both CDMA. And as far the frequencies go, I’m not really sure what your referring to. The frequencies only come into play for GSM carriers. Which we have two of. T-Mobile, and AT&T.

    Now. Nextel does use a SIM card. But here’s the kicker. It’s not GSM. It’s called iDEN. Nextel phones DO NOT have the ability to roam, because they use their own individual type of network and tower.

    The currently released Nexus One will not work on Sprint/Nextel. It uses GSM SIM cards, and Nextel uses iDEN. WILL NOT WORK. EVER.

    Now, as far as the debate goes for the World Phones/ You guys are half correct. For example; The HTC Touch Pro 2 has a dedicated SIM card for World Wide usage. It is possible to replace that card with one from T-Mobile or AT&T and use on their network. As far as the BB World Edition no idea.

    But here is my main point. The Nexus One will not be coming to Sprint. Sprint will be releasing the HTC Supesonic in 2H2010. This phone will have everything you love about the Nexus One and even more. So in all actuality it would be pointless for Sprint to carry and outdated version of a phone (Nexus One) when it’s about to release a the current one around the same time.


    im going to remove my n1’s gsm radio and replace it with a cdma radio. anyone know where i can buy one?

  • John

    Boost Mobile offers iDEN and CDMA service. Once the CDMA version is released, you should be able to purchase a Nexus One and have it flashed for Boost Mobile’s CDMA $50/month unlimited everything plan.

  • Jason Hargreaves

    I seriously can’t believe it. I hope Rooney is better for the cup!

  • Jay


    Are there any info out there on how to flash the Nexus One so it works with Boost Mobile? any info or links to the info will be appreciated.


  • Jeff

    When will the boost CDMA be out??

  • Jude Bellido

    Appreciate you sharing, great blog post.Really looking forward to read more.

  • jared from sprint

    You cannot flash sprint phones to boostit does not work and isn’t a service supported by boost or sprint…unless you know how to flash phones over yourself.

  • jared from sprint

    And both us (sprint) and verizon dropped the nexus 1 because we both got better devices (the evo and droid incredible)

  • Romeo Octav Chiritoiu

    Does anybody knows when the BB OS.6 will be released for the 9700?

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