Secret SMS Replicator Pulled from Android Market!

Secret sms replicator denied

Yesterday we showed you Secret SMS Replicator which secretly forwards text messages to any phone without the user knowing its running, typically for paranoid people with not enough things to worry about already (kidding).

Shortly after the app was released to the Android Market, Google had it pulled because it “violates the Android Market Content Policy”, as told by a Google spokesperson to the New York Times via email.

This keeps the argument going about whether Google’s minimal review process for new apps hitting the Android Marketplace is better for development, but bad for protecting the end-users of such apps. When it comes down to it however, people always want less restrictions and freedom, which is what they get with Android, and get denied with Apple’s App Store.

[via Financial Post]

  • Someone

    One could also argue, it would be nifty for parents, so they should allow it only for people on the same account.

  • http://hyderabad CHANDRA SHEKAR

    fine this app