John Legere fires back at AT&T on Twitter for trying to win back customers


Earlier today, AT&T announced a new incentive that pays customers if they ditch their current carrier to join them. This is AT&T’s answer to whatever John Legere & Co. have up T-Mobile’s sleeve. But in true Legere fashion, the T-Mobile CEO has fired back. In a tweet issued today, Legere says #Randall – you gave us cash & spectrum AND we took your customers with #Uncarrier moves, do you really think you can buy them back?” Who is this Randall guy he is questioning? AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson. Legere is calling out Stephenson for attempting to win back customers that already jumped ship for T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier ways.

But the chatter did not stop with Legere’s tweet. In an email with Re/code, he states that AT&T must be scrambling “a terrible Q4 and holiday.” Then T-Mobile’s CEO added that he is “flattered that we have made them so uncomfortable” and reminds people to “wait until CES to hear what pain points we are eliminating next. The competition is going to be toast!” We certainly will be waiting as T-Mobile’s next phase is announced next week in Las Vegas.

Hit the break to see what else T-Mobile’s CEO had to say.

Then, just moments ago, Legere tweeted yet again at the Twitter-less Stephenson. He even uses the hashtag “#shipsinking” after discrediting AT&T’s claim that T-Mobile has not made a dent in their business. I don’t think this one is over just yet, so make sure you follow John Legere on Twitter.



Source: @JohnLegere (1) (2), Re/code
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  • V.A.N.

    Doesn’t Legere know that his network isn’t on par with AT&T’s yet? Stop trash talking and just improve the d@** network. Because of the “Uncarrier”, I opened an account with T-Mo. However, I still have my VZW account and for the extra money I pay to them (via my grandfathered plan), I still get better value from them.

    All AT&T and VZW have to do is one thing: Bring back Unlimited Data Plans.Once they do that, then T-Mobile will be on life support, until their network improves. Hurry up T-Mo, hurry up.

    • phor11

      But the second you lose that grandfathered plan, VZW’s network no longer lives up to any value proposition.

      Their “share” plans are almost as much of a gigantic ripoff as the $20 unlimited SMS plans that were so prevalent 10 years ago. Until they give us a low minutes unlimited text/data option, there will continue to be no value in ATT/VZW’s plans for my use-case.

      • Oli72

        Totally agree.

      • Breeze

        Verizon is the worst. I told a bunch of people not to switch to them and get their family plans which they did anyway and niw they’re pissed they have to share data. Luckily for me. . . Im on net10 with my at&t note 3. I pay 54 a month for unlimited talk and text plus 2.5g of 4g. Not much high speed data but even when it slows down its still pretty fast

    • MrDivaNYC

      This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard someone say. U get more from 1 carrier, but you’ll pay to stay with carrier #2, that doe nothing for you?

    • Major_Pita

      Wadda ya mean? Haven’t you been to any of the re-designed Verizon stores?
      Verizon has re-imagined the retail experience for it’s customers!
      Go see for yourself.
      Now , if only Verizon would re-imagine a competitive marketplace…

      • brutusf

        You still shop at a Verizon store? Did you know that you can get just about anything at 1/2 the price at Sam’s Club, Amazon Mobile, etc…

        • Major_Pita

          Nah, I had problems 3 weeks ago with a work-provided phone and stopped in to see if they could help. The service counter that you used to be able to walk strait to and see someone when you had a problem is gone. The whole retail space is full of these randomly located phone display/desk structures. An employee approaches me with an iPad and jots down my name and says cheerfully that it will be a few minutes. So I stand around waiting for 15 minutes.The employee comes back and says “your service rep will see you now”. I guess i was supposed to be ogling their merchandise the whole time. I’m then led over to speak with a person standing at one of the desk/retail displays. I get thirty seconds into explaining the issue with the phone when service tech answers the phone that’s ringing on their desk.They then get into a long drawn-out conversation with an obviously clueless person about different cell and data plans that begins to get really annoying after a couple minutes. The call lasts just short of 5 minutes. By this time it’s snowing pretty hard outside and I realize that I would already be home had I not stopped at the newly re-imagined Verizon store. I was so impressed when I left…
          As to your point – I totally agree. I bought my Verizon GS4 last summer from Target of all places. I paid $149.99 as an upgrade, At that same time Verizon’s price in their store was $249.99 with a mail-in rebate of $50.00.
          Think of it as $199.99, plus you have to loan Verizon fifty bucks for a few weeks…
          Bottom line, if you’ve bought anything at a Verizon store you’ve probably paid too much.

    • john fragoulias

      Build a real network, then you can trash talk your competition, and when he said that they used AT&T’s money to build their network, that is even lower, T-Mobile looks desperate, not AT&T, if AT&T wanted to squash them, all they have to do is offer unlimited data to their customers, and T-Mobile will be no more.

  • Oli72

    Thx u T-Mobile for hitting them where it hurts.

  • Robert Landrum

    Legere is smoking something great. T Mobile is making moves but they still can’t touch ATT.

  • Chris Casey

    AT&T still has that 90’s mindset; “charge what we want because people will pay just for the name, not the service.” T-Mobile has always been the go-to service for innovation & price-point.