LG Odin processor shows up in Antutu benchmarks

by Jeff Causey on
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A few days ago information surfaced regarding possible specs for the new LG G3 smartphone expected to be released during 2014. Among those specs was a reference to LG’s Odin processor, their own in-house chip that has been in development for a while now. The ability to produce component parts in house will be a key part of LG’s strategy if they want to challenge Samsung’s supremacy. Results have now surfaced that seem to indicate the Odin chip have been run through the paces with the Antutu benchmark, though we may be left still wondering just what Odin is capable of as well as whether the test device was an early prototype of the LG G3.

According to the Antutu benchmark, the Odin chip was only running at about 1 GHz. Despite the slow speed, the Odin posted results similar to several other popular chips though certainly not at the top of the heap. The question now is whether LG had the chip slowed down for these initial tests or have they figured out a way to squeeze respectable performance out of a chip running at only 1 GHz. If the latter, that could be a sign of significant power conservation characteristics for the chip. Earlier reports indicated the quad-core version of the Odin chip could run at 2.2 GHz. An octa-core version is supposedly in development as well.

The results also indicate the graphics processing unit is part of the PowerVR Rogue series. This is the same family of graphical chips that powers the iPhone 5S. A good gpu will be needed if the LG G3 comes equipped with a 2k display, although the unit in this current test was only running at 1920×1080 resolution.


source: G for Games

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