Pictures suggest BlackBerry 10.2.1 could feature Google Play Store

BlackBerry 1

BlackBerry is currently working on the next version of their OS, 10.2.1, and we have some key information regarding the update which will perhaps make some BlackBerry users pretty happy.

A new Android Runtime is expected to be included in the next build of Blackberry 10, which will allow the Google Play Store to be available to BlackBerry users to download and install Android applications and other content to their devices.

This means no more side-loading, and would instantly make thousands of apps available for the platform, which has been the major shortcoming for BlackBerry.

As much as I hate to say it, this could actually be the beginnings of a BlackBerry comeback— it could make for a very nice option for those that enjoy the BlackBerry OS and hardware.

Although the pictures make this all pretty believable, it’s still all just a rumor so don’t get too excited just yet. Hit the break for more leaked pictures.

Via: PhoneArena
Source: CrackBerry

  • Tiger Tek

    This is great news for BlackBerry users. It’s good you guys are reporting on it but why would you say as much as I hate to say? Why would you want a company to die I don’t get that. What did BlackBerry or their employees do to people for them wanting the company to die. I love my BlackBerry 10 and it gives me the best of the both worlds can run Android and bb10. More competition means more innovation.

  • d3

    This happens and I’ll buy a Blackberry right away.