If LinkedIn and Four Square made babies, they’d have Unsocial

What do you get when you cross professional resources like LinkedIn with purely social apps like FourSqure? Unsocial is the answer. Unsocial is a location-based, business networking app.  They call it Unsocial because it’s not focused on your current social network, but rather on the people you don’t know yet (but probably should.)

  • Android & iPhone versions available now, BlackBerry & HTML5 coming soon
  • Initially only launching in San Francisco area, more cities coming in following weeks
  • App uses Geo-Location to show when other users you might want to meet are nearby
  • Discovery and search based on user profile, smart tags and search terms
  • Integrates with LinkedIn for simple login, helping you find people you don’t already know
  • Integrated messaging between users to set up meetings or keep in touch
  • Includes a discovery engine for events taking place nearby, according to geographic distance
  • Offers branding and visibility to others via digital billboard and self-describing tags
  • Ideal as a conference application: includes “Live” features to distribute agenda, schedules, events, meetups, Twitter feeds, RSS feeds, etc.
  • Unsocial is launching with DiscoveryBeat as their official conference app

[via unsocial]