ReKey gives Master Key vulnernability patch for rooted Android users



So it’s been a few weeks since we told you about that security flaw which happens to affect most devices out there and well… but most of you are still probably waiting on some sort of satisfying fix, right? Well the fine folks at Duo and Northeastern University have teamed up and unleashed a special mod of the patch called ReKey. A product of Duo’s security engineers and Northeastern University’s Systems Security Lab, ReKey allows users to immediately protect their Android device without waiting on security updates from their mobile carrier— all with a simple app. There is one major caveat, however: in order for users to apply the patch, devices must be rooted. So if you happen to own an unrooted device at this time, then you’re outta luck until your update is finally pushed to your device (or if some other crafty individuals come up with an alternative).

The patch is free to all Android 2.0+ users and only comes in at a mere 86K in size, so if you’re on a rooted device and itching to feel a little more secure, then head on down to the Play Store and grab ReKey today.



Play Store download link