Skype for Android unlocked, calls over 3G now possible

So how annoying is this, Skype for Android just gets released and what’s this? It’s locked to wifi calls only? Scott how can this be? I know that’s what exactly ran through all your heads. Hey, that’s what ran through mine (well except for that Scott part, my ego hasn’t reached “referring to self in 3rd person mode” yet.)

Anyway, I just received this tasty .apk file from Matthew aka xeudoxus over at droidforums. What Matt has done is unlocked the Skype app to allow Skype calls to be made over 3G. Pretty cool stuff eh?

Now to install this unlocked version of Skype do the following:

  1. UNINSTALL the original version of Skype before installing this version
  2. Download the Skype3G zip file, and unzip it
  3. Once unzipped, throw the .apk onto your microSD card
  4. Install the .apk via your file manager of choice
  5. Run the app & enjoy your 3G Skype calls!

Pretty simple eh?

Thanks Matthew for sending this in!

  • Thorpeland

    Bummer. “Skype could not be installed on this phone”. Install failed on the MyTouch 3G. Anyone else experience this?

  • Bob

    Downloaded..did not work

  • rightwingman

    I’ve been using it over 3G just fine…

  • Kenny Montenegro

    Cool! thnx! I’ve got it already on my Nexus! and it’s working perfectly!… BTW… you have to uninstall the original Skype app from your phone before installing this one! I just bought a 2.99 unlimited-mins- subscription to call everybody in the U.S. and Canada!

  • Androidbrains

    Any idea if this will work in Japan?
    I only ask because for some weird reason Skype is not (yet?) available in the Japanese or Chinese marketplace.

  • ricardo

    Excuse my ignorance, but why would I want to use Skype over 3g? Would that allow me to not use my minutes?

  • Scott Young

    doh, thx for the reminder about uninstalling the old one first Kenny. Forgot that ;)

  • tgraupmann

    Hey I need a hack for unread discussions. It defaults to the top, so I have to scroll scroll scroll to the bottom. Can Skype default to the first unread line?

    Scroll me down please!

  • Kerry Garrison

    Does this work on Galaxy S phones? The market version wont login.

  • onion

    I tried it on Galaxy S, setup successful but when login got crash :(

  • curse

    The no 3G lock is only in the US, perhaps the “hacked” version is only the standard AuroAsian?
    It’s your cheap carriers over there that want you to use their phone plans instead of data plans for calling.

  • Tobias

    if this doesn’t work, try Nimbuzz from Android Market.

    It is for free and supports Skype, Facebook, MSN, AIM, Google Talk, Yahho, MySpace and more.

    Disclaimer: I work for Nimbuzz, and would love to get your feedback

  • Brie987

    Install fine on my Galazy S Vibrant but will not allow me to log on to my account :(

  • AM144

    Installs and works great on Moto Droid w/2.2. Needs to be able to be moved to SD due to extremely large size of app. Please.

  • charlatan

    works on htc rogers magic with 2.1 update

  • Robson

    On my Galaxy Android 2.1 it fails. Every time abort the program in all features. Unfortunately

  • http://... Cuchufo

    i have the same problem that Thorpeland has.
    “Skype could not be installed on this phone”. my phone is the LG gw620.

  • Hexagon

    Hmm.. that’s freaking weird ?!

    I was wondering, If I should sign up for an online # or a to go phone number? I figure it’s the second option i should go for. It’s surprising that you guys are having issues w. the install. I’m running Android on my HD2 and it’s working just fine.

  • cristi oprea

    @tobias – nimbuzz not supporting skype anymore…why? I was looking for an app that supports skype and can be moved to SD. The “original” skype has a whopping 11 mb ( huge considering that Igo navi has 30)

  • Tobias – @tek

    @cristi oprea

    Unfortunately Skype asked us to switch off support, but you can use HD calling on Nimbuzz to make your free calls to anywhere.

    We just release a new version here:

    More on what the Skype/Nimbuzz break up means to you is here:

  • MikeT

    Works fine on my HTC Desire,
    big relief, thanks Android.

  • susimano

    thanks bro!works perfectly on htc evo!please send me information about update!

  • George

    works great on HTC EVO, 3.70.651.1