Google and PayPal to Sign Android Deal

Popular news website ‘The Street‘ reports today that a deal has been struck between Google and PayPal to launch the widely used payment system on the Android Market. The move is mooted to be happening later this month.

According to reports a deal has been moving closer and closer over the last few weeks. An announcement could be made at PayPal’s developer conference in San Francisco on the 26th of October.

Most of the talk about the current purchase system on the Android Market has been negative since the OS’s inception. Numerous glitches have occured over time for users with Google Checkout. In addition, developers have experienced a lot of issues just getting the system to work and use the right currency properly.

A smooth payment system for the Android Market would go a long way to bringing Android closer to the high standards that Apple have laid out with iTunes and the App Store.

If this move is true, does it spell the end for Google Checkout? Or do you guys think that both Google Checkout and PayPal will be used side by side? If so, which one would you prefer to use?

[via The Street]

  • curse

    Side by side is probably no problems at all..
    I’d prefer Paypal since I already have it.
    In Sweden we got the ability to buy apps on the market yesterday. So most of us haven’t even tried Google Checkout here yet, and it would be yet another place to write my credit card number online…
    Many of us have used Paypal to pay for apps before, like LauncherPro Plus or Titanium Backup that supported Paypal.

  • SirWally

    While Google Checkout works for me, if I had to choose a single system I would opt for one that works for everybody, and that would be PayPal.

    Having said that, choice is a good thing, so I would prefer both being an option.

  • The_Omega_Man

    I’ll take both! Options are good.