Sony introduces its Triluminous display technology, aims to square off direction again Super AMOLED and Retina Display technologies



It’s certainly no secret that Sony plans to take over the mobile world, so it should come as no surprise that it has introduced what can be seen as some revolutionary technology. It went ahead and revealed its Triluminous display technology which aims to enhance the display of various devices to levels never seen before. Essentially, Triluminous display technology utilizes quantum dots (otherwise known as nanocrystals) that are so small, they have quantum properties and emits light just at preset wavelengths. The effect of this process i the significant enhancement of display factors like a larger color gamut to improved brightness and contrast.

Sony certainly can’t wait for this technology to arrive on its Xperia line of smartphones too. Here’s a Sony insider highlighting the important plans Sony has for this technology:


“During the interview, the heads of Sony Philippines likewise confirmed that Triluminos display will definitely come to the Sony Xperia smartphone line. This is cool because, as of writing, Sony is still using TFT panel even in its top of the line handset releases, including Sony Xperia Z. Triluminos will be the Japanese company’s answer to display technologies being offered by other companies like Retina Display and SuperAMOLED”.


source: techpinas
via: Phone Arena

  • Trevor Beckett

    So Sony are pretty much saying that the Z has poor screen technology that’s almost redundant already? Glad I sold mine and got a HTC One!

    • Barrett Falter

      Amen! I wish the One would come to Verizon. I have nothing positive to say in my area about AT&T. And Sony’s quality control and customer service these days is a bad joke. Very impressed with HTC’s outing with the One. Shows they did their homework. Samsung is posting how the S4 is such a new device. I don’t think they ever saw the S3 in that case. Companies are funny these days.

  • ddr

    Two motherfuckers HTC fanboys