AT&T Hints At HTC One X Finally Receiving Jelly Bean [Update Is Now Live]


Update: AT&T’s blog post about the Jelly Bean update is live again and HTC One X owners should get the update starting today, March 7th.

AT&T’s HTC One X was released in May 2012 and users have been waiting for an update to Jelly Bean ever since. Now, thanks to a post on the AT&T Consumer Blog, an update is coming very soon. However, it appears that someone may have jumped the gun as the blog post no longer exists. Thanks to Google, a cached version exists which says the HTC One X will start receiving 4.1 Jelly Bean on March 7th. Users will also get access to the following features:

  • AT&T Locker – Allows you to automatically store photos, videos and documents securely in the cloud, so you can access and share from your smartphone or computer.
  • AT&T DriveMode®  – Helps curb texting and driving.  The app can be set-up to automatically send a customizable reply to incoming messages once a vehicle starts moving 25 mph. The auto-reply message is similar to an “out-of-office alert” and can reply to texts, emails and wireless callers letting your friends know that you are driving and unable to respond.*
  • AT&T Messages – Displays all your texts, calls, and voicemail messages together in a single inbox, easily accessible from your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

We’re guessing the update may have been slightly delayed which is why the post was pulled. Either way, AT&T HTC One X owners should expect an update to Jelly Bean any day now and if you do own the One X, let us know in the comments if you’ve received the update yet or not.

Source: AT&T Consumer Blog (Cached version)

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  • Richard Yarrell

    At&t is USELESS the WORST CARRIER in the game updating handsets. Piss on At@t

    • dzdroid

      It’s here.

  • TheMi7ch

    Just checked and the update isn’t available yet on my AT&T One X. I’ll be patently waiting.

    • Mike Stenger

      Post updated. Rollout is indeed starting today so keep an eye out!

  • mike

    Downloading on my one x now

    • Mike Stenger

      Glad to hear!

  • Mike Stenger

    Just updated the post. The post on AT&T’s blog is live again and the Jelly Bean update is in fact rolling out starting today.

  • Bryan

    I’m in Florida and have been waiting for this much-anticipated upgrade. I’m glad to let you know that my HTC One X now has Android 4.1.1 and HTC Sense Version 4+.

    • sean

      How did you get it I’m in Florida to and I can’t get it

      • Bryan

        Hi Sean,
        I have no idea why you didn’t, but this is what I did. I went into Settings > AT&T software update > Check for updates. The first time I checked I didn’t see any update, but I kept doing that everyday in early March until I finally saw an update on March 7, 2013. It was a huge file. So I was doing that OTA updating on WiFi.

  • joel

    is anyone having a problem, not being able to open hyper-links in emails