Google Maps update now syncs searches across devices

Yesterday Google released an update to the Google Maps for Android app to make it more useful. Perhaps the biggest change involves syncing between mobile devices and the desktop browser version of Google Maps. When signed in to Google Maps with web history enabled, you will get search and directions history synced to your mobile device. On your smartphone or tablet, just go to My Places within the Google Maps app and click on the “Search” or “Directions” tab to access a history of the places you have searched for. Besides syncing with your desktop, the app saves your search history making it easier to access places and businesses for which you’ve already completed a search.

As in previous versions of Google Maps for Android, if you have established locations such as “home” or “work”, you can just type these in the search box on your mobile device to call them up. All of these changes are designed to make it easier and quicker to find directions while on the go.

source: Google Lat Long Blog

  • TechGuy

    And which genius at Google decided to disable the latitude shortcut that many use?