Samsung Galaxy Closest Android Rival To The iPhone?

PCWorld were lucky enough to get some hands-on time with the Samsung Galaxy phone at the CommunicAsia exhibition in Singapore, and they seemed impressed with what they saw.

samsung galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy (i7500) will be one of the better spec’d Android phones, featuring a 3.2 inch AMOLED touchscreen display, and 5-megapixel camera (with LED flash).

The reviewer was also impressed with the Galaxy’s slim design. With a thickness of just 11.9 millimeters, the Galaxy handset is actually slimmer than both the HTC Magic and the Apple iPhone 3G.

Another promising feature is the phone’s haptic feedback support on the touchscreen’s virtual keyboard, which as the reviewer notes could help persuade more users over to touchscreen handsets.

Android phones are getting nicer. The Magic proved that Android handsets don’t have to look like a TV remote control from the 1980s. With the Galaxy, Samsung seems set to prove that Android-based smartphones can be a hit with mainstream users, not just technophiles.

While I don’t think Android handsets are really a match for the iPhone yet, Samsung’s Galaxy comes closer than anything else.

Pricing for the Samsung Galaxy has not yet been revealed, but the handset will be made available in Germany and France before the end of June with plans to launch the handset in other markets from the second half of 2009.


  • phinn

    “The Magic proved that Android handsets don’t have to look like a TV remote control from the 1980s. With the Galaxy, Samsung seems set to prove that Android-based smartphones can be a hit with mainstream users, not just technophiles.”

    Huh??? Talk about BS, neither of those phones are on the market, tested, reviewed, or used by millions of people to in any way determine if they are a “hit” for mainstream users. If any smartphone ever *has* proven to be a hit for mainstream it’s the iPhone which is supposedly the #1 selling phone in the USA now overtaking the RAZR.

  • phinn

    Don’t get me wrong, these new Android-handsets look great. But lets not get carried away yet.

  • m3tric

    STFU. hypePhones are for teeny boppers who have no use for multitasking and would rather play with thousands of duplicate fart apps.

  • phinn

    hypePhones? Uh they are the best selling smartphones in the USA as I stated. That was a fact, not an opinion. And actually they are pretty damn awesome phones from what I’ve used of them. The iPhone 3GS model coming out looks fantastic. And by the way you talk it’s obviously you who is the teeny bopper.

  • Gibb

    the 3GS adds a compass and video recording, something the i7500 supports too

    both phones are amazing, but the thing that attracts me the most is the openness of Android

  • Josh

    iPhones are not the best selling smart phone in the US. If you look at the data, overall the best selling smartphone platform still belongs to Blackberry. Sorry to burst you fanboy bubble there guy.

  • Josh

    Oh and I forgot to add the Nokia is the reigning World Champion

  • Julian

    This phone looks great, love the specs and design looks solid. I have an iphone(unlocked and jailbroken) but i wanna make the switch over to android and this phone looks like it’ll do the trick. Not sure if it will do everything my iphone does( ive been able to record video for years and other “new” things on it thanks to cydia)im just hoping that the android os will inspire devs to make this the OS of the future, or atleast one of them, Palm OS is sweet too. C’mon T-Mobile get this in your roster and ill fork over my cash asap!

  • Lancelot

    Gees, just when I get excited that someone else is releasing an android phone I see that it only has a freaking 3.2″ screen. What’s up with these people, don’t they know that with the default fonts android uses a 3.5″ screen is the minimum that should be used, unless you don’t mind getting an eye ache from squinting. Google gave people the tools to put every other smartphone to shame but all I see are phones being built with nothing but profit in mind. I’m not even in the business & I can see that if they had only used a larger screen, flash, larger fonts & zoom throughout the OS, faster processor & more ram this could have been a real iPhone killer, not just a sub-par competitor – Apples recent releases has put them even further a head, even if they don’t allow apps to run in the background.

  • andesam

    I totally agree Lancelot. I¨ve been looking for a new phone for a while, and i really want a android phone. Mainly because of it¨s potential. But i can¨t help it looking over at the iphone, at least not with the 3gs hitting the market. I am willing to give it a couple more months to see if there is a real iphone-killer, ,android phone, available. If not; im buying a iphone..

  • free t-orange iphone

    a few mates of mine are into this stuff so i will send ’em this way :)

  • Danielle

    I’ve been waiting for the i7500 mainly because I am a T-Mobile user (and have been for years). I don’t want to switch to ATT for the exclusive iPhone price they tag on it and buying it unlocked from a third party would cost two-times as much. I work hard for my money and I am not paying a price fit for a brand new washing machine for phone. I don’t want an android phone that badly. I’d rather wait until T-Mobile catches up.

  • Gokberk

    This phone is great i’ve ever seen

  • Magic Tricks Revealed

    Great post buddy. Can I bookmark your site into Delicious? I couldnt find it marked there.

  • scouse

    I have both this and the iphone on contract , the iphone is now in a drawer and from what i can see , it will stay there.

  • Jake

    i have this phone and rooted it and now has froyo on it