Featured Play Store Game: Four in a Row HD +riddles

Four in a Row HD +riddles has been around for about a year now, but through various updates it’s quite popular with its 4.4 rating. This game includes the very classic game Connect Four, but there’s so much more with what they call “riddles” which literally turns this into a pretty cool puzzler. There are over 200 riddles which are basically partially played games in which you have a task at hand. For example you might have to win the board within a certain amount of moves. They have various boards set up for you to win with two, three, four, five, and six moves. You will find 39 variations withing each level. Then there is Claustrophobia which utilizes different sized boards.

Of course you can still play traditional Connect Four either against the computer, against a friend with the same device, or an online opponent. Plus if you’re looking for another variation of the classic game, you have two more to choose from: DON’T connect 4 and Fill the board. DON’T connect 4 is just as it sounds in that you don’t want to get a connect 4. The first person who does loses. Fill the board is all about getting multiple Connect 4’s. The person who gets the most wins.

If it’s settings you like, you will get a slew of them here. You can set the AI level according to your ability; Easier, Easy, Normal, and Hard. You can even select the board size; 6×7 (classic), 6×8, 7×7, 7×8, 8×8, 7×9. Last but not least, you have your choice of six skins for your board; Plastic (vector graphics), Metal (HD textures), Wood (HD textures), Ice (HD textures), Random, and Naughts and Crosses (grayscale screens).

Four in a Row HD +riddles will look good on both phones and tablets, and works in both portrait and landscape mode. It supports both English and Spanish, and most of all it’s free. If you love this classic game you have no excuse to give it a try. Just hit one of the download links below.

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