Google Shows off Project Butter [Video]

During yesterday’s presentation Google showed off Project Butter, one of the most important improvements of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. There’s many technical terms that Google explained on what it really is and what changes it makes within the kernel. For the general public and to put it into layman’s terms, it basically makes every UI transition on Android much smoother and buffers everything much faster. The speed improvement is throughout the whole OS and even works in conjunction with every app you use. This was a breath of fresh air and something that Android, even on ICS, needed.

Here is a quick video comparison of two Samsung Galaxy Nexus’. On the left is a Nexus running Ice Cream Sandwich, and on the right it’s running Google’s new Jelly Bean software touting “Project Butter.” Project Butter has already made a huge splash and receiving rave reviews from many users who were able to play with a Jelly Bean device such as our own Stacy Bruce. Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

  • SebaKL

    0:45 – oh come one…. is it just me or does it look laggy as hell ? I saw it during the live show, but I figure it was my internet connection and video just stuttered. Now I see it again here… Regardless whether ICS or JB, both look laggy to me.

    • theubertechie

      lol, it was ramped up to 300fps.

  • MasterBlaster

    triple buffering and v-sync? get ready for some nice extra 3-frame input delay.

  • Jeraud

    If you pay attention the cameras capture rate was pushed to 300 fps…. remember the average fps of a ps3 console is 60.