Trillian for Android released as open beta

Trillian Beta

Trillian, the popular multi-protocal IM client, released an Android version today in the form of an open beta. Some of the IM protocols include, but are not limited to, AIM, Gtalk, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace, and IRC.  You are required to register for a Trillian account to use the app, but all of your accounts are stored in the cloud and can be accessed on the desktop version as well.

Some of the other features include landscape mode, tabbed chat, and those Trillian emoticons we all know and love.  Check out the beta site here, and grab the download link below to check it out for yourself.

[thanks to all who sent this in!]

  • Hollyw0od

    Weak. Constant FC on the vibrant.

  • Jeff B

    Wish someone would make an IM client compatible with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2. Will continue to mess with this beta version and compare it to eBuddy.

    Fist 5 minutes I gave a strong thumbs up. Time will tell.

  • curse

    works fine.. except..
    it only notify me of msges if my screen is on or when I turn on the screen, would be nice if it sent a msg that I got a new IM even if I’m not actively using the phone, like if it’s on the table, next to me..
    There may be a setting, but I think I’ve tried all.

  • Scott Young

    There’s a setting to send u a push notification via email if you get an Im and the screen is off