Keeping track of everything from Rio 2016


As you know, we’re on the cusp of the 2016 Summer Olympics, and this year’s Olympics are going to be extremely different than many people may remember it from their childhood. With the Summer Olympics only happening every four years, the past ones were held in 2012, 2008, 2004, and so on. Back in the day, you had to sit in front of your TV as soon as the games aired, but four year increments leave a lot of room for advancement in technology, which is why we’re delivering you the latest ways to keep up with your favorite countries, and everything relating to Summer Olympics.

Let’s tell you what you need for Rio 2016.

Rio 2016


This year, Rio has their very own summer Olympics app, available in a variety of languages. If you’re like me, you don’t have a super flexible schedule that allows you to simply sit down and watch each and every game. And keeping up with all of the scores? It’s an almost impossible feat. That’s why we’re so excited about the Rio 2016 app and the convenience that it offers.

Within the app, you’ll be able to keep track of nearly everything relating to this year’s summer Olympics. The searchable categories include things like Real-Time Updates, Medals, Athletes & Teams, News & Photos, and more. People from around the world, in all different time zones, will be able to keep up with how their countries and favorite athletes are ranking. But the Rio 2016 app isn’t only for those who are cheering their countries on from thousands upon thousands of miles away as Rio 2016 is also offering unique features for anyone in the Rio de Janeiro area, such as guides to make the most of their Olympic experience in Rio.

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NBC Sports


Not sure where you’ll be during the 2016 Summer Olympics? No problem! With the NBC Sports app, available for all your devices, you’ll be able to live stream the Olympics from anywhere in the world, whether that means the airport during a layover, your hotel room, the park, or even right at home.

There’s no need to miss one of your favorite sections one year and then have to play catch up later because you didn’t have access to a TV. With the NBC Sports app, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got full access to all of the 2016 summer Olympic sports.

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As for keeping up with the summer Olympics on social media, Twitter is the way to go. The amazing thing about Twitter is that it cuts clutter and gives you only exactly what you need, and during the summer Olympics, that’s news. We can guarantee the Olympics will be trending with several different hashtags on Twitter, which makes it the best source of information, and on occasion, comedic relief. Not only that, but in some cases, you’ll be able to get direct updates from the athletes themselves.

Another awesome thing about Twitter is the variety of content you’ll get and how easily accessible it will be during the Olympics. Celebrities, fans, competitors, and news sites are all going to be using their hashtags, which compiles everything you need in one spot. Not only that, but the fairly new Twitter Moments category should be a very good way to obtain information all in one place as well.

New to Twitter? Not only do we recommend following Rio 2016, but we also recommend seeing if your favorite competitors are active on there as well.

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BBC Sport


The NBC Sports app is exclusive to U.S. users, but don’t worry, we’ve got something for many of our international readers as well. Like NBC Sports, BBC Sport will be offering the Olympics live-stream, but for international users (including BBC Russian and BBC Brasil). However, it doesn’t stop there! If you can’t carve out some time to watch your favorite games, BBC Sport will also allow you to replay the events, even after the fact.

You’ll be able to utilize the BBC Sport app on all of your devices, or you can watch straight from your desktop. Much like the Rio app, BBC Sport users will be able to see what athletes are winning medals, and keep up with the different schedules. We also recommend you find BBC on Twitter to keep up with more of the latest in Rio news.

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The Olympics


You might be surprised to hear it, but the Olympics themselves have their very own app. Why download this one if you’re going to download Rio 2016? Well, with the Olympics app, you’ll get to keep up with current and future Olympic events, as well as look back on highlights from past ones, including the Winter Olympics.

Not only will The Olympics app keep you updated during Rio 2016, but if you’re curious about what countries have ranked where over time, The Olympics app has that information too. You’ll be able to search athletes and articles, but the app will also provide you with interesting fun facts about everything Olympics. The Olympics app is one you’re going to want to download and keep, long after Rio 2016 has come and gone.

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With the summer Olympics only occurring every four years, you can see why we’re pumped for Rio 2016! No Olympic game is the same, and we can’t wait to see what Rio has to hold. With these apps, our fellow die-hard Olympic fans who aren’t able to physically attend in Rio won’t be left unprepared.

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