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Keeping up with the news has never been more overwhelming. There are so many sources and you never know which one is right for you, but fortunately we’ve put together a list of the very best apps for getting news sent right to your mobile device.

Hit the break for out list of the best news apps.

The Guardian


The Guardian is a UK-based news app with a ton of amazing features. Keep up with the latest in news and breaking news by customizing it to fit your priorities, and what you like to read! Going to be going somewhere without Wi-Fi? No problem. Browse your favorite topics and save a bunch of articles for offline reading later.

Looking for an ad-free experience? Go for premium, which is only $4. Premium also gives you access to other features, such as crosswords, special content, and more! With the Guardian (free-version as well), you can also choose your favorite topics to show up on your home screen, to make them more easily accessible.

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CNN Breaking US & World News


CNN always has the latest in US and world news, but CNN is specifically valuable especially during election years, such as this one. Trying to keep up with politics can definitely be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a whole lot of extra time to keep up with it all. But thankfully, CNN breaks it down easily so that everything is at your fingertips, from articles to debate coverage, and more. They’re definitely the way to go for streamlined election news.

Not only is CNN a great outlet for keeping up with politics, but also breaking news from almost anywhere. If there’s a particular event you’re following, you can even set this app to send you notifications as they get more updates.

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ABC News


The ABC News app covers a variety of topics, so it’s a great “general news” app for anyone who likes to read it all. This includes election coverage, entertainment, sports, travel, global news, local news, and more! And of course, if you’d like your news digest to be more filtered and specific, you have that option as well, so you’re only getting what you enjoy most.

One of the great features of the ABC News app is that you can stream and watch the news from your device without having a cable subscription. Many news apps require you to have that in order to access live content, but with ABC News, you don’t have to! With so many people opting for things like Netflix and Hulu and foregoing cable altogether, this is a fantastic option.

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Fox News


Fox News covers some pretty awesome things, and their app has some fantastic features as well, like multitasking mode. In Multitasking mode, you can minimize videos so that you can watch the news on one side while still skimming through articles on the other. It’ll satisfy any multitasker at heart, and help you get your favorite news, faster.

Fox News covers events, breaking news, health, the economy, and even some entertainment. If you do have cable, but are on the go most of the time and still like to watch live news, you can do that as well, straight from the app.

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BBC News


Wanting to keep up with world news? BBC News will help you do exactly that. Their app is extremely easy to use (and recently updated!), to provide viewers with the best, smoothest experience possible in reading the news. Much like the other apps in this list, you are free to personalize the kind of news you’re getting as well.

The cool thing about the BBC News app is that it also saves the articles you have looked at. For example, if you wanted to show a friend something you saw within the app, but couldn’t remember what the article itself was called, you can go in and scroll through what you’ve recently browsed.

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We all know and love ESPN, a great outlet for the latest news on our favorite sports, now, in app-form! This app will not only allow you to stay on top of scores, but it also gives you access to hundreds of ESPN podcasts and allows you to listen to live broadcasts across ESPN radio stations.

While you have to have a cable subscription for free access to the live broadcasts, it’s absolutely worth it. You’ll have access to a variety of tennis, soccer, baseball, basketball, and football games, which is perfect, especially if you’re away from home and cannot keep up with everything in your busy schedule.

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The Weather Channel


The Weather Channel may seem like the odd-one-out in this list, but never fear. While it’s certainly helpful (and extremely accurate, I’ve found), for keeping track of the weather, The Weather Channel is also an awesome app for keeping up with weather related news, such as hurricanes and tsunamis, and other natural disasters like earthquakes and wildfires.

Even that isn’t all that The Weather Channel is good for. In the app, you’ll be able to see how the current weather in your area is affecting health, like allergies and sickness, view local road conditions, and even see if the weather is safe to go for a run in, as well as other awesome features. If you’ve been holding back on this one because it’s only about weather, you can see why so many people love it.

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It goes without saying, there are a lot of choices out there for the news. While many will stick with a single source, there’s plenty of options here from a variety of sources that all offer different types of content, or maybe some of the same content, but from some different views and angles. Of course, the news isn’t just limited to politics, world events, and entertainment, but things like Sports and Weather as well.

Whatever, you’re looking for, there’s something for you in this list.

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  • Richard Dennis

    Breaking News app should be in this list. If you have not seen it its worth a look, best and most timely alerts.

  • pleasegetreal

    Reviewing the features of a news app without discussing the content provided seems to me a bit like talking about the quality of the paper a book is printed on without addressing whether the text is any good. Are the sources insightful? Hopelessly biased?