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Let’s face it: if you’re not a movie lover yourself, you at least know someone who is. You know, those of us who keep up with the list of movies schedule to come out in the next year, the people who buy their tickets ahead of time, pre-order our favorites on Blu-ray as they become available, and those who own nearly every movie ever made. While that last one might be a little bit of a stretch, we’ve got plenty of apps here that are perfect for every movie lover in your life!



Fandango is an amazing all-in-one app where you’ll be able to do everything from looking for a movie, a theater, and then actually purchasing the tickets. The Fandango app is full of trailers, reviews, and other extra move content that you can search with a genre filter, so you’ll easily be able to pick out a movie you know you’ll enjoy.

Although it has some pretty great features, the best part about Fandango may just be that you can buy the tickets. If you’re like me, you’ve gone up to the ticket counter a time or four, only to find out the movie you’ve been anxiously awaiting is sold out. With this app, not only can you buy your tickets, but if you have a change of plans, you can return them for a refund, or credit towards future tickets.

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Vudu is a movie/TV show streaming service, but instead of paying a subscription fee, you’ll be able to rent individual movies that look interesting to you and play them on your Android phone or tablet, as well as through Chromecast on your TV. With thousands of movies and TV shows worth of content, we’re sure Vudu will quickly become a favorite in your house.

The cool thing about Vudu is that there’s no commitment. If you’re not sure it’s something for you, go ahead and download the app to check it out. You’ll pay absolutely zero dollars while you browse, and you’ll only pay for what you actually want to watch. This is particularly helpful if you’ve caught up on your binge-watching and now have to wait several months for your new favorite TV show season to start.

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AMC Theaters


AMC is one of the most popular names in theaters, but did you know they have an app for that? From the AMC app, you’ll be able to browse theaters and movies, and also earn awesome rewards through your digital stubs. That’s right—digital stubs, which means no more keeping track of that stub card for you!

Similar to Fandango, you can also purchase your tickets with AMC, even way ahead of time to make sure you’ve got your spot secured. You’re also able to watch trailers and preview extra content if you’re needing more information on a particular movie. On top of that, let’s not forget the special offers! In the AMC Theater app, you’ll have access to a variety of special offers and discounts that the whole family is sure to love.

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Netflix_App (2)

Netflix is a classic for any movie lover. What would any movie-themed post be without it? If you’ve been holding out, not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge, let me tell you: it’s completely worth it. With some amazing movies and TV shows, including quality Netflix originals, now’s the time to try it, especially since you can get an entire month free! After that, you can pick from three plans, starting at just $8 a month.

Now, don’t just think this is plain ol’ Netflix. No, this is about to be something majestic. Netflix made a deal with Disney, which will be in effect in September. Yes, you read that right. Disney movies (Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilms) will be fully accessible on Netflix before we know it. So if you’ve been holding out, now’s the time to jump right in.

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Atom Tickets


From the name, Atom Tickets is pretty self-explanatory. With this app, you’ll be able to buy tickets, therefore bypassing the agonizingly long line at the ticket counter (and the app even accepts PayPal). Purchasing your tickets ahead of time saves so much hassle, especially, as aforementioned, if you get to the counter and find out that your movie is sold out, or worse, have enough for half your group, but not all of them.

If you are planning on going as a group, Atom Tickets is perfect for it. There’s no need for you to feel like you have to buy everyone’s tickets to reserve them. With the app, you can actually invite each of your individual friends to purchase their own tickets, which is an awesome feature, because that means you won’t have to be hunting them down for cash later.

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If you live near a Redbox, you know just how conveniently addicting they are. Haven’t heard of Redbox before? No problem! In the Redbox app, you’ll be able to see the locations that are closest to you, so you can head on over and grab yourself a movie! Redbox movies are extremely cheap to rent (sometimes just a dollar, or even free, with the frequent coupons they send their customers), and they have all the latest releases.

The best thing I’ve found with the Redbox app is not only that you can view locations, but that you can also view what locations have what movies still in stock. During high-traffic times such as Friday nights, New Year’s Eve, and other big days, I was able to reserve the movies I wanted straight from the app, so by the time I made it to the box, it was just waiting for me to enter in my info and grab the movie. It saves a lot of time, too! You can find out what has what at all the nearest Redbox kiosks instead of driving around looking for something. Not only that, but you cut out all the browsing time by looking at the app in advance as well!

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My Movies Pro 2


My Movies Pro 2 gives you a digital space to store your collection in. While the app doesn’t allow you to watch movies, My Movies Pro 2 is perfect for keeping track your own movie library. All you’ll have to do is scan the barcode on your DVDs, Blu-rays, VHS, LaserDiscs, or 4k Ultra HDs, and it will insert them into your very own database. And if you have some movies or TV shows that you’ve purchased digitally (Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, etc), you can easily search for and catalog those as well.

This app makes browsing your own collection a breeze. If you’ve got a ton of movies and aren’t sure what to watch, get My Movies Pro 2. If you aren’t sure you want to spend $8 on it without knowing if you’ll actually like it or not, good news! There’s a free version you can try out, which will allow you to upload/catalog up to 50 movie/TV titles, for no cost.

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Ticket prices on new movies seem to be through the roof these days. Being a movie enthusiast is getting pretty costly, but with MoviePass, it doesn’t have to be that way. MoviePass is a free app where you’ll be able to subscribe to their monthly movie deal. All you’ll spend is $30, and that will get you essentially up to 31 tickets, or one movie per day. Simply scan your card at your local theater, and all you’ve got to pay for now is the popcorn.

MoviePass is also pretty awesome because with it, the need for other theater apps is basically eliminated. The app will pick up on theaters in your area, and you can simply browse through each of the movies and different showtimes to see what will work with you.

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Whether you’re in search of the best apps to find movie tickets, subscription movie streaming, or hassle-free renting, we hope this list was helpful for you or someone you know!

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