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Android TV has become popular over the past year for people of all ages because of the platform’s versatility. Whether it’s streaming movies and television shows or playing console-like games, Google’s home entertainment experience is ready for what you want to do.

Let’s show you the best Android TV apps around.




Netflix kind of goes without saying, but if you’re new to the game, Netflix is an online streaming service that gives you access to thousands of movies and shows for a small monthly fee. With plenty of variety, ranging from popular networks like Disney to Netflix exclusives like Longmire and Marco Polo.

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YouTube’s statistics point out that watch time has grown steadily over 50% each year for over three years. With such a rise in popularity, not only has the watch time grown, but also the content. From music to movies to TV shows to YouTube couples and families, to tutorials and reviews, YouTube’s content isn’t lacking.

Being able to watch (or listen) to your favorite content creators straight from your TV is a great because you’re no longer restricted to a small phone or tablet. You can now keep up with all of your favorite channels on the big screen, and all that’s lacking is the popcorn.

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Android TV Remote


While your Android TV comes with a remote, Android TV Remote is amazing if you’re prone to losing the remote, or even if you’d just prefer a touchpad. The app works on both smartphones and tablets, with the same features as the original remote, such as voice control.

Simply download the app, connect to your Android TV, and you’re all set! You can also use this remote to play your favorite games on your Android TV, which may be easier for some people to use than the remote included in the box.

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An online music streaming service, Pandora allows you to create a station by genre, artist, or composer, and they’ll compile a radio station for you within that genre or similar to that artist. Enjoy the free version with the occasional ad, or upgrade to Pandora One for simply $4.99 a month, with no ads, access to better audio, custom background skins, and more.

Pandora is a fantastic option for your Android TV any time you need music. Dinner parties, family gatherings, cleaning the house, or random outbursts of dancing. If you’re tired of your same-old playlist rotation or your local radio has more ads than actual music, Pandora will quickly become a part of your everyday life.

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Hulu Plus


Hulu Plus is similar to Netflix in that it’s a movie/TV streaming service, but they offer a wide variety of content that Netflix doesn’t, like anime. They also make your favorite TV shows available for streaming the day after they air on TV, which means that there’s no need for you to wait until the whole season has aired on TV in order to start the first episode, like Netflix.

While even Hulu Plus has ads (and there’s a new option to opt out of ads), content will always come quicker than Netflix. So if you’re one to stay ahead of the game, Hulu Plus is the way to go. Or get both, and you’ll never miss a thing!

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Plex is an app that takes all of the content you already own, such as movies, music, home videos, and photos, and compiles them all into one simple space, so you have access to everything, right from your device, or in this case, TV. At any time, you and the family can take a trip down memory lane and go through old photos, or maybe have a night in enjoying your favorite movie.

Within the Plex app, you also have the ability to share your content with your friends and family. You can also create separate accounts under yours with restrictions on what can be viewed, which makes Plex very family friendly. With these helpful features, you can easily hand your child the remote without worrying about them turning on the wrong movie.

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Disney Movies Anywhere


Disney Movies Anywhere lives up to it’s name, offering Disney movies, anywhere, including your Android TV. This may seem like the perfect app for the kids, but trust me, this is the perfect app for any die-hard Disney fan, whether they’re 10 or 100. With options from both Disney, Pixar, and Marvel, you’ll be able to choose from hundreds of movies, brand new and everyone’s favorite classics.

With each movie you buy, you’ll also get access to content that’s exclusive to Disney Movies Anywhere users, and you’ll be racking up Disney Movie Rewards points, which you can use to redeem awesome free prizes from Disney.

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365 Body Workout


365 Body Workout is full of workouts, whether you’re looking for something small that can be done in 5 minutes or a full body workout that will take some time to complete. See how certain exercises are done, listen to music within the app, and even hear the trainer coach you through your workout!

With more than 90 workouts, your options are truly endless. This is great for people who are tired of the same routine each week and want to switch things up a bit. And, 365 Body Workout also includes a calendar, so you can easily keep track of each workout.

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If you’re a fan of TED talks, or even if you’ve never heard of them but have a vast love for knowledge and innovative ideas, this app is for you. With over 1700 videos available, the eager learner and deep thinker won’t run out of resources anytime soon. Addictive, educational, and thought-provoking, TED TV is some screen time you won’t feel guilty having.

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Spotify Music


Spotify is another music streaming service, but instead of a radio station, you can create a playlist with all of your favorite music. The cool thing about Spotify is that you don’t have to listen to songs you don’t enjoy, so if you have specific taste or are looking for something completely customized, this is a fantastic option.

Although Spotify is free with a few ads, you can also opt for the no-ad version fairly cheaply. They also offer different plans for families, individuals, and students, so whatever kind of plan you’re looking for, they have it!

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With how much you can customize it to fit your own personal preferences, smart TVs are truly becoming the smartest way to enjoy TV. Android TV has come a long way since the beginning, and although these are just a handful of all the amazing apps Android has to offer, we think they’re all essentials for every Android TV.

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