5.9.902 Update for the DROID Bionic Heading to Testers

The DROID Bionic, the phone to rule all phones, came out with some pretty big bugs. Some of the bigger bugs included the 3G/4G signal issue, and even the whine that some users were complaining of. Well it was roughly 3 months after the fact that the phone received its first major bug fix and since then the folks at Motorola and Verizon have been cranking out the bug fixes.The mysterious update that came out a week after the major bug fix appears to have been a test build somehow released to the public and the new build going out to testers today only adds a few more changes on top of 5.9.901. This update that brings the software version to 5.9.902 includes the fixes in that mysterious 5.9.901 update and adds the following:

  • Remove VCast Music preload
  • Add Amazon MP3 app preload
  • Motorola Terms and Conditions screen automatically enables data collection/location details
  • Google security patch to block access to change Home panel icons
  • After factory reset, location consent screen shown on activation screen
  • Change “Terms and Condition” screen title to “Motorola Terms of Service”

I am always glad when Verizon bloatware is removed and the fact that Amazon MP3 took it’s place is icing on the cake. However the rest of it is interesting if not confusing. While the other aspects don’t fix bugs but rather yet some of these “fixes” are for cosmetic purposes, we have no idea what the Google security patch to block access to change Home panel icons entails. So with that look for an update soon as we will keep you posted on the update.

[via Droid-Life]

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