“Qi”: New power standard to bring wireless charging

You whip out your phone. You see it’s battery is low. You plug it in to charge, thus tethering yourself to your bedside table, and you think… “there has GOT to be a better way!” Soon, my friend, there will be.

A universal standard for cord-free charging is well en route, thanks to the Wireless Power Consortium, which finalized the interface definition this last Friday for it’s low-power specifications. According to reports, the interface should be available to the public on August 30th. The current versions max out at 5 watts of power, which should be more than adequate to charge mobile devices.

In addition, all devices meeting standards will be able to throw the “Qi” logo on their devices. According to Menno Treffers, a senior director of standardization at Philips who works with the consortium:

Our customers will see the Qi logo and know: this product works with my other Qi products. Publishing a standard is not enough. Without test documentation, certification services, and a logo license agreement, interoperability is an illusion.

With the release dates standing where they do, we may be seeing some devices in the category as early as this fall.

[via ars technica]

  • Eric

    I’m fairly certain that by wireless they mean by way of a charging mat type of setup. So you will be even more tethered than if you had popped a mini/micro usb cord into your phone

  • mattj

    Well, yes that is possible. Notice they say nothing abut range.