Samsung: The Next Big Thing Is Already Here Part 2: ‘Oh, Ours Is Not 4G’

Last week Samsung launched a brilliant commercial knocking iPhone fans, particularly those waiting in line. In the first commercial, you can’t forget the blonde Apple fangirl snickering, “Why don’t you just get a 4G phone?” Well we get to find out what happens after that. I hope Samsung continues to release more of these as they’re quite entertaining.
  • While I like this advert.. how is it news AGAIN?

    • Anonymous

      It’s only news because it’s a “dig” to Apple.  Typical fanbois.

    • Anonymous

      Because it’s a NEW video. Did you know this was the second one now? or did you assume this was the same video without watching it? You know what happens when you assume right? but let’s leave me out of it since I didn’t say something stupid..

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 Rocks!! :D

  • Lbproducto

    The best part of the whole 4g thing is how ifans act like apple is doing them a favor by not including 4g. From claims that its “not ready” to battery life concerns, they conveniently ignorethe fact that you can switch it off when you don’t need/want it. its like saying you don’t need that 6th gear on your car because its too fast and no one should need to operate at those speeds ever.

  • Anonymous

    saw it. loved it. laughed at all the iPhone peeps in San Fran a couple weeks ago

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant?  More like desperate.  ;)


      Looks like your the desperate one with 2 of 8 comments.