Verizon Delivers Promised 2.2.3 Security Update For The OG Droid

Admit it, for a second there your dislecia kicked in and you thought that was a 2.3.x Gingerbread update didn’t you?  Sorry to disappoint OG Droid owners, but hey, there’s always the dev community to fall back on.  However, an update is an update and if it’s going to improve a device’s performance, we’ll take it.  Recall a few weeks back when Vz promised a security update was coming?  Well, it’s here and you can benefit from a few less bugs crawling around.  Build number FRK76 brings to light 2.2.3 and addresses a  “rogue/unauthorized certificates” issue which occurred through the native web browser.  Other than that, there is nothing new hear and the update will ultimately be transparent to you.

[via Verizon]




  • Kstroud0001

    How large is this update?  I phone has been a useless brick all day so far!