Motorola to Update Original Droid With Security Updates

Even with the over abundance of new phones in the DROID line, the RAZR being the latest, it appears that Motorola is still showing the flagship phone that started it all some love. Motorola has come out with an update that adds two security updates to the phone. They say:

“Thanks very much for signing up to give feedback about your Motorola Droid. You will be testing final software for Droid. This is a very limited update providing two security patches for the device. It should be essentially “invisible” in terms of device operation.”

So those of you still using the original DROID, be on the look out for this update. Sorry to say this isn’t the Gingerbread update you had hoped for. However it is nice to see that Motorola is still updating this phone.

[via Verizon by Droid Life]

  • Holliewinnard

    Wow a worthless security update. Go fuck yourself Droid

  • Well in this case I better unroot and go back to froyo so my device is more secure!