PHP for Android, install it and start testing!

Yes you read that correctly, PHP is coming (well it’s here) for Android. Irontec is the company behind the project and their aim is to make PHP development in Android not only possible but also feasible providing tools and documentation. You’ll need a few things before you can dive into this, One being ASE or the Android Scripting Environment:

Download ASE

And you’ll need the PhpForAndroid apk:

Download PFA.apk

Once you do that, you should check out the ASE Api Reference after you get more familiar it’s time to test! Just watch this video:

[via phpforandroid]

  • Juan


    Is there any limitations in developing Android apps in PHP compared to Java?


  • Benjamin Smith

    Is it possible to get PHPGTK working on Android? We have significant investment in PHPGTK and this on Android would be incredible!

  • bambang

    Hi buddy, php for android couldn’t installed on my phone motorola verizon. Any body know it’s work?

  • Please visit for a step by step guide